Grocery Shopping for the 21 Day Fix


So one of the first things that I did when I looked through the 21 Day Fix books was to make a list of the foods that I liked from each category. As a picky eater this is quite a bit harder for me than it is for others.

21 Day Fix Logo

For my weight I am required to eat 5 Green containers each day. I picked up fresh broccoli, string beans, spinach, mushrooms, radishes, and green onions. I also grabbed a few cans of mushrooms and green beans. I realize that canned foods are not good because of the extra preservatives and I generally do not eat a lot of canned foods. However I needed something to have when I am super busy and tired of salads.

I am supposed to be eating 3 Purple containers each day. I am going to the apple orchard with my kids so I will have plenty of apples on hand. I picked up frozen raspberries (3 bags) and a bag of frozen strawberries.

The red container was the one that I was most nervous about because I am very picky when it comes to proteins. I picked up chicken breasts which I cooked, turkey breast, tilapia, plain Greek yogurt, shrimp, and cottage cheese. I am supposed to eat 5 of these containers each day but yogurt being one of them I am no longer worried.

21 Day Fix Groceries Prep

I am also supposed to eat 4 yellow containers each day. I picked up whole wheat couscous, brown rice, corn on the cob, whole grain crackers, whole grain waffles, and mini whole wheat bagels. I already had whole wheat English muffins on hand.

I get one blue container each day and will admit that this is one that I am kind of sad that I will not get more of. I picked up some shredded parmesan and feta cheese for this one. I also get one orange container. I picked up olives for this one because I LOVE olives so getting a treat of olives and cheese each day is just what I need. Finally I get to eat 5 teaspoons each day. I have peanut butter on hand and picked up extra virgin olive oil. I could eat peanut butter each and every day and never tire of it so I am happy with these two things.

The only other thing that I bought was some agave nectar for sweetening the yogurt and cottage cheese with some recipes that I have.