Rainy Day Fun with ALEX Toys


It’s raining, it’s pouring!!! That’s right it is a rainy day. So now I am stuck in the house with my four children all day long…the dread, the horror….oh wait! I know what we will do…that’s right we will have some rainy day fun thanks to ALEX Toys.

ALEX Toys has such a fun imaginative line of toys that I love them so much! My kids NEVER tire of their ALEX Toys and I am constantly impressed with the overall quality that the line has. I love that they offer so much that you can really keep kids of all ages busy on even the yuckiest day outside. My kids are active and even they do not get bored when we are playing with their ALEX Toys.
Tips for Rainy Day Fun
Tip 1 – Choose a Toy that Will Help Your Child Use Their Imagination

The ALEX Toys Color A Rocket ($37.95) is the perfect toy for your child to use to help them with exploring their imagination. This toy is actually created by your child. They get to color and decorate the rocket in any way that they want. Plus they can play inside of it. The durable cardboard allows for months of play and your child is going to love their new play place.
Tip 2 – Choose Toys That Are Age Appropriate

One of the things that I love the most about ALEX Toys is that I can find something for each of my children from them. This is not common since I have children who are between the ages of 2 and 11. I love that my 2 ½ year old can play with sets like the Crafty Fashion Show ($18.95) with my help. I also love that my 6 year old can use sets like this one and My Pretty Mosaic ($11.95) to entertain herself.

Tip 3 – Choose Something They Love

My children love monsters. I love that I was able to find the Paper Bag Monsters ($11.95) set from ALEX Toys. This set is one that we have not used yet but I am sure that it is going to be a ton of fun for my 4 children to create their own monsters.
Tip 4 – Choose Something That You Can Create a Lesson With

I do not homeschool but many of my friends do.

I think that homeschool parents would love sets like the Clothespin Farm ($11.95) from ALEX Toys.

I was able to use this with my four and two and a half year old one rainy day.

We read a few books about farms, talked about them, and then sang “Old McDonald’s Farm” together.

Then we created this adorable farm family together. We had so much fun!!

Tip 5 – Have a Fun Photo Booth at Home

When things get boring there is no end to what you can come up with from ALEX Toys. One of my favorite things is Silly Photo Booth ($13.95). This set features a number of items that your child can use to create unique photo booth props.


Tip 6 — Choose Something Your Child Can Build

Another set that I LOVE from ALEX Toys is the My Crafty Cars ($17.95).  I love that this set allows my boys to build their own cars and decorate them.  They can use what is included or even come up with a creative and unique design that is all their own.

Finding great toys to keep your kids busy on rainy days is easy and something that can be so much fun.