Phases of the Moon Artist Preview — Cornmeal


First off I have to let you know that I have been a Cornmeal fan for many years. I saw them for the first time just over ten years ago in Champaign, IL. I continued seeing them for years and was even a member of their street team from 2005-2007. I had so much fun going to shows and telling others all about the amazing music that the band played. I have seen them at festivals, in small bars, going from the Campfire Stage to the bigger stages at Summer Camp. I even camped next to them one year back in the day. So as I have been listening to them I have gotten to experience the evolution of their music. I will admit that I was sad at the departure of the Nowak brothers and Allie. However, I will state that I have been impressed with the continued endeavors of a few of the originals to keep the band together. The new band is impressive to see and if you had not known the original you would still fall in love with them.

phases 5

They bring a fun new spin on your grandpa’s bluegrass. They are a fun band and I can assure you that when I see them I will be dancing in the crowd. In addition to my own enjoyment I have three little ones who will be attending the Phases of the Moon Festival with me. They all have grown up listening to Cornmeal and are sure to enjoy these shows just as much as mom and dad do.


(from the cornmealinthekitchen channel on You Tube)

Cornmeal has been an integral part of my growing up. I saw them for the first time before I was 21. I was not not even old enough to drink when I started going to see them. Years later, they are still one of my favorite bands to go and see.


(Photo by Norman Sands and taken from Cornmeal’s webpage)

In addition to being a part of me growing up, Cornmeal has been with me through many really exciting life experiences. I was able to take my oldest to see them on the Campfire Stage at Summer Camp for his first festival. My middle two also got to experience the joy that was Cornmeal at their first festivals. My husband and I went and saw Cornmeal in St Louis for our first show together.

I am thankful for all of the wonderful memories that I have had seeing Cornmeal with my family and friends. I am hopeful that I will continue to make new memories with the band and that my children will also have their own memories to cherish as they grow up.

Now for some fun. When it comes to Cornmeal, there are certain songs that I am hoping to hear. I’m hoping to hear “When the World’s Got You Down” and “Girl with the Long Brown Hair.”