Fun Boho Chic Style with Isabelle Grace Jewelry


I love the boho chic style that has been so popular lately. Isabelle Grace Jewelry is a great line with many unique and fun styles. In the past I have been able to review a few of their adorable children’s pieces and a unique stamped bangle set. While these items are beautiful they do not fully embody or capture the boho chic style that is my favorite. The new Lux Leather line of products matches this style perfectly.

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Tips to Create the Perfect Relaxed Boho Chic Look

Lux Leather

**Dress in Layers
Many people do not realize how easy it is to create a great boho chic look. I love many different things about layering but if you do not know the right way to layer, you risk looking frumpy. The first tip to layering is to choose fitted bottoms or a fitted tops. Do not dress in loose and flowy styles both on top and bottom at the same time. Choose layers that are fitted as well. Even if you are layering a loose or flowy sweater over what you are wearing you should make sure that your first layers are well fitted.

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**Choose Neutral Color Palettes
it can be hard to find the right boho chic styles if you do not know what you are looking for. Dressing in neutral tones and colors is a great way to be able to hit the mark with your boho chic style desires. If you choose neutral tones you will find that there are many great choices for you. One of the best things about the Isabelle Grace Jewelry Lux Leather line is that there are so many great pieces in these neutral colors. The Lux Mini Bangle Set ($88.00) offers this style and look for you.

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**Find Amazing Pieces in the Least Expected Places
I am sure that Isabelle Grace Jewelry was not what you thought of when you heard boho chic. The thing is that you can find boho chic pieces from a wide range of designers and jewelers. Isabelle Grace is just one of these. Their adorable Lux Leather Bangles in Fern ($120) are a set of bracelets that I love.

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I was not sure how I would like them because I do not normally wear gold. These bracelets look perfect with my summer skin and the tan works great with the gold. They are comfortable and I have gotten numerous compliments every single time that I wear these.

lux leather 5

For me the best thing about the boho chic style is that you get to accessorize. You can layer on scarves with necklaces or multiple bracelets from different lines. This can make you have that effortless chic style that you are craving. So choosing the Lux Gold Nugget Necklace ($88) can make you comfortable and will help you to be able to have a great unique style that you desire.

All in all Isabelle Grace Jewelry will help you to be able to have the best well put together boho chic look. You can choose from their amazing line of lux leather pieces or you can choose from any of their other lines. Best of all when you are going for a boho chic look you can mix and match the pieces that you love from all lines to look effortlessly chic.