The Top Handbag Must Haves for Fashionista Moms from Bella Bag


As a mom it can be challenging to find the right bags to carry around. I for one love Bella Bag and all of the amazing handbags that they have. I am obsessed with purchasing handbags that are high in quality and something that we all can love. I thought that I would share for you my thoughts on the top 10 fashion forward bags that every fashionista mom needs.

lanvin two way convertible clutch bag

**Lanvin Two Way Convertible Clutch Bag ($399)
This is the perfect clutch for moms on the go. You can fold it and throw it in your diaper bag when you are out with the kids or pull it out on those rare occasions that you go somewhere alone. With the way that it unfolds to include handles it is a perfect choice for anyone who is going to be trying to do it all as a mom.

hermes birkin bag

**Hermes Birkin Bag ($8,999)
I will admit that this handbag tops my drool list. I say this because as a stay at home mom I am not likely to be able to afford this one anytime soon. However when I think of the perfect tote bag the Birkin Bag is always the one that comes to mind. It is the handbag that fills my dreams and the one that I hope to one day own after I have a bit more success in my life.

prada lux tote bag

**Prada Grey Saffiano Lux Tote Bag ($1,699)
The Prada Tote Bag is a close second in my opinion to an iconic tote bag. This is a must have for moms who are on the go and wanting something that is going to look nice. Plus the bag is completely functional as it is tote and you can fit a few extra things for your kids in there.


**Gucci Large Tan Leather Jockey Hobo Bag ($935)
A hobo bag is a must have for its casual slouchy style. I personally love how hobo bags look great with a pair of jeans and t-shirt. They are casual yet this one is still luxurious enough for even the biggest fashionista. It is a bag that is classic and timeless too which makes it a great investment.

louis vuitton bag

**Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Articles De Voyage Bag ($999)
Every mom needs a great casual bag that is perfect for all of those park playdates and trips to McDonalds that you are sure to take. If you are like me just because you need something casual does not mean that you have to have something that is just so so or not up to par fashion wise. Instead you can get all of the fashion that you desire with a great casual bag like this one from famed handbag designer Louis Vuitton.

Marc Jacobs

**Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Crossbody Bag ($549)
I LOVE the Boho Chic style of the Marc Jacobs Kate Lock Crossbody Bag. I think that every fashionista mom needs a great choice for when they are wearing their Boho Chic fashions. I love the great color of this bag and that it would really be a great bag for multiple seasons and work when your are wearing multiple fashions.

louis vuitton bag 2

**Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Flanerie 45 Travel Bag ($699)
Let’s face when you are a mom on the go the last thing that you probably have time to think about is what you are going to pack your stuff in. I love the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Flanerie 45 Travel Bag for my weekend bag and to use as a carry on when we are going on longer trips. I am very impressed with the quality of this bag and the generous size that makes it perfect for the mom who is always on the go.

Louis Vuitton bag 3

**Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 25 Bag ($599)
The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy 25 Bag is one of the most iconic choices for a great everyday handbag. Everyone can easily recognize this classic bag that has been carried by women around the world for years. I have always had this handbag on my “must have one day” list and just because I am a mom does not mean that this changed. I still want this bag just as much as I did the first time that I saw it being carried by a celebrity that I wanted imitate when I was a young tween. Today this bag still sparks a conscious fashion sense within me and is a bag that I hope to own one day soon.


**Chanel Black Lambskin Quilted Vintage Shoulder Bag ($1,399)
When I think of the perfect shoulder bag there is something about the Chanel brand that instantly comes to mind. I love that the handbags are iconic with their gold chain straps and that they have so many innovative styles and sizes. I am a huge fan of this shoulder bag and think that it would be the perfect accessory for business meetings or going back and forth to take your little one to school. You would be the envy of every mom if you were carrying one of these classic handbags.


**Christian Dior Purple Small Granville Tote Bag ($2,099)
One thing that every mom needs in her handbag stash is a great fun bag. I love this Dior bag because it is colorful without being too much. I hate it when someone my age carries a handbag that screams juniors and is something that a high school student should be carrying. I understand why women my age are drawn to these bags. They want something fun and colorful but this classic style has just enough color to be fun while still being a great bag for moms who want mature sophistication to be a part of their style.
No matter who you are if you are a woman you have dreamed of classic handbags and having a great bag to add to your accessory closet. As a fashion forward mom my desire for a trendy high end handbag did not end when I had children. However my desire did change a bit to bags that are more classic and iconic like all of these ten essential handbag must haves for moms that you can find at Bella Bag.