Tattoo Parlor Fun with ALEX Toys


I will admit that I have not always been a cool enough mom to love temporary tattoos. I sometimes think that these things look trashy and I used to dread when my children would come home with one from a party or from school and want to put it on. I know that this might sound silly but most of the time I thought that as the tattoo faded that it just made them look dirty and who wants to have their child running around looking dirty.

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Well thankfully for my children I have discovered a temporary tattoo solution that I actually love just as much as they do. A few months ago I was able to review the ALEX Toys Deluxe Sparkle Tattoo Parlor ($34.95) and I was thoroughly impressed with the results.

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*My little man did agree to this one but only with the gold glitter so there was only one color used.  This was really simple to do with the large sized brush that was included in the kit.

I will admit that I actually think that the glitter tattoos are cute. Now if only I could find a cute solution for the boys so that they did not have to wear glitter, which I have been informed is “too girly.”

Alex tattoo Adeline

This tattoo parlor set up is a toy that my girls are constantly wanting to play with. I used it as part of my soon to be 6 year old’s Easter stash and have seen her play with this more than any other item that she received for the holiday.


I love that it comes in a nice little kit so that you can keep it all put away together without worrying that someone is going to get into it. In our house this would basically mean that I do not have to worry about the younger two getting into it and turning my house into a glitter zone as they have done with other things like markers, crayons, and make up.

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I also love that it is so easy to accomplish the types of tattoos that my daughters want. The kit comes with stencils that you place on clean and dry skin. The stencils are like plastic stickers and can be tossed into the trash after you are done using them.

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The next step is to apply the glue to the areas of the tattoo that you would like to be the first color. I generally pick the area that she wants to have the most color of and use that first. I apply and then brush on the glitter making sure to give a generous coating of the glitter so that I can see it clearly.

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Next I move on to adding the adhesive to the other areas. Then I add the second color of glitter in the same way that I added the first. Generally my girls only ask for two colors but if they asked for more I would just repeat this step until we were finished with their tattoo.

Alex tattoo 5

This makes the process of getting a temporary tattoo easy and something that is simple to figure out. Plus it is something that the girls really do love to have done all of the time. I love being able to offer them a great time with something that is creative. I also love that the toy is done when it has all been used. I love toys that eventually are not cluttering up our house or play areas because in the end so many toys just end up being given away, tossed out, or sold and I have no doubts that this one is not going to be used completely.


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ALEX Toys really does make the process of putting on temporary tattoos fun and also offers your little ones temporary tattoos that are cute and not the same as all of the others that you see.