Perfect Choices for Travelers or Those on the Go with Anatomie


Do you want to know what I hate more than anything else? Ironing. Yes that simple task rates right up there with dishes and taking out the trash in my books. One of the things that I often find myself struggling with is finding great clothes that are top quality, look great on and do not wrinkle. Thankfully I have found a great match with Anatomie.

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Anatomie offers me everything that I have been looking for with clothing that is stylish, top quality, and never needs to be ironed. Anatomie makes their clothing with the traveler in mind so you never have to worry about what you are going to pack or take with you when you are on the go.
When I was with another blog I was able to review a few of the pieces that Anatomie has to offer and I instantly fell in love. I have the O-Ring Pants ($199) and they are seriously one of the best pairs of dress pants that I have ever owned. I love the fit and how they are flattering with my figure. I also love that they have the cute o-ring details that make them more exciting than if they were the same as every other pair of pants that I have owned.


In the past I also checked out the Nicole Lace top ($99) and I will admit that is this is probably my favorite shirt out of every shirt that I have ever owned. I love how soft and comfortable the material is and how great it looks on. Even before I started to lose weight it was very flattering and I can see it still looking great even when I hit my goal size.


This time I was sent the Monika Ballerina Dress ($185) for an event that I was attending. It was the perfect dress for me as it made me feel confident and beautiful. Plus I was able to travel with it folded in a bag so that I did not have to pack additional bags and it looked amazing when I took it out. It was not wrinkled and no one would have ever been able to tell that it had traveled with me in an overnight bag instead of in a garment bag.


I wanted to share with you a few tips for picking the right pieces for travel when you have to get dressed up.
**Choose Clothes That Are Made to Travel – All of the clothes from Anatomie are made with traveling in mind.
**Choose Something That You Feel Confident and Beautiful In – When you are going to an event you want to have a good time. If you feel self conscious over how you look it might not be possible for you to enjoy yourself as much as if you would have been wearing something that you feel confident and beautiful in. One of the best things about every item that I have received from Anatomie is that I feel beautiful and confident in them all even when I am struggling to feel beautiful and confident because of being overweight.
**Find Something that Suites Your Style – Finally choose something that is going to look like a style that you would actually wear. With Anatomie there are many styles to choose from so that you will be able to find your own style no matter what it might be.
Choosing clothes that will look great and travel well could be hard but with Anatomie it is made easy.