Orange Glad is the Monthly Subscription Box that is Sure to Please


If you have ever been wary of a monthly subscription box I can certainly understand. I too have been there and have wondered what companies were thinking and whether or not I would really spend my hard earned money on their box. I have even been a member of a few different boxes and ended up with boxes that I was disappointed with but with the Orange Glad box I have never been disappointed, not even once.

orange glad

The Orange Glad box that came in May was awesome and everything that I had hoped that it would be. I love getting to try the most luxurious treats from bakeries and places that I would not likely try.


I decided this month to share my treats with you by telling you a story about the places that I enjoyed the treat and the moods that the treats put me in.


I LOVE chocolate so of course when I saw a delicious looking brownie in my box I knew that this was the first thing that I was going to try. I will admit that some days are rough when you have four kids. There are days when the kids seem to fight all day long and they never want to listen. So when I was having one of those bad days I will admit that I stepped out onto my back porch to try the Fine Sconehenge Gluten Free Brownie. I was amazed by how delicious this was especially since it was gluten free. I also was amazed by how it seemed to whisk me away from the stress and gave me just the bearings that I needed to go inside, get creative and try to entertain my kids. We did an art project and yes our day got a whole lot better.


The next thing from the box that I tried were the Cici’s Italian Butterhorns. I was up late one night writing and wanted a little treat to keep me going. I will admit that sometimes I will eat something sweet to help me write my way through the night or the upcoming things that I have going on. This was one of those nights and the butterhorns were amazing and delicious. They actually helped to give me what I needed to refocus while also giving me a few minutes where I could almost imagine being in the beautiful Italian countryside.


One of the things that I promised myself when I signed up to be a blogger for the Orange Glad team is that I would try everything, even the things that I did not think that I would like. At first when I saw the Orange Cranberry Welsh Cakes I thought that I was going to break this promise that I made to myself. I hate raisins and other dried fruit. It is just not my thing. However I decided that I could pick out the cranberries just like I pick the raisins out of things that I eat other places. These cakes were delicious and without the raisins I did not notice anything but a great flavor. They were moist and had a unique texture more like a sponge cake which I really enjoyed.


I sometimes think that my name should have been the cookie monster. I will admit that I really enjoy a great well baked soft and chewy cookie. I was excited to see two of the Baking Betty’s Cookies in the box. I was eager to try them both but saved them for times when I wanted a special treat. While I had the box I ended up baking cookies with the kids and when they were having a cookie that we made I tried the Peanut Butter Cup Cookies and decided quickly that I was not going to be able to wait to try the S’more Cookie. I am also obsessed with s’mores so the fact that they made one of my favorite treats into another one of my favorite treats with this cookie made it that much more delicious. I will admit that I was a bad mom and that I let the kids even have a second cookie so that I could eat this one.
Once again the Orange Glad box did not disappoint and was a great escape from my crazy reality for a few minutes to make me feel like a mom who had been whisked away to a different more calm and peaceful place.