Kohls is the Place for Back to School


So once again I was on the lucky list with Kohls. This time I received an awesome Back to School box and was so excited about everything that it contained inside. I will admit that I was most excited to be able to check out the box and to be able to really pick out back to school goodies for my three that will be going to school soon.
The blogger VIP box came with three great items in it that are perfect for any teenager who is headed back to high school or even for someone who is headed off to college.

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A Place to Store Everything You Need

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The Candies Fox Cargo Backpack ($60) is a great purchase for anyone who is hoping to find something different to take back to school with them. I love this bag and think that it is super cute. I would have definitely carried it when I was in college or high school and both of my girls thought that they should have it.
The Perfect Comfortable Leggings

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Let’s face it we all like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Thankfully SO offers a great line of Graphic Print Leggings ($26) that are perfect for anyone who is looking to have great style and comfort at the same time.
The Perfect Kicks

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Candies is a great brand for all of those checking out back to school for a teenager. They offer such fun, funky, functional, and trendy things that you get what you need while getting something that is completely unique at the same time. The Candies Slip On Sneakers ($54.99) that came in the box were the same way. They were adorable and looked great on with many different outfits.
Along with each of these awesome items I was given a $100 gift card to shop back to school items for my children. I loved being able to shop for them and got such great deals at Kohls that all three of them got what they needed and wanted for their first day of school.  Plus they sent me a $50 gift card for a giveaway which will be coming up as soon as the $25 giveaway ends.
So here is what my kiddos picked out for their 1st day of school.
Huxley—A Look at His First Day of Preschool

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Huxley is headed back for his second year of preschool this year. He was in need of a new backpack since his old one was toddler sized and too small for many of the things that he was supposed to bring home from school. So he chose the Batman Cape Backpack – Kids ($29.99).

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He also needed a new pair of shoes to head back to school and he fell in love with the Clawz Clogs – Kids in blue ($29.99). I will admit that these would not have been my first choice but he is very much in love with them. So much so that I had to hide the back to school stuff so that they would indeed be new for the first day of school.

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Finally Huxley needed a new shirt to wear back to school. Since he has so many pairs of shorts I did not purchase another pair of shorts. He chose the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sublimination Tee – Boys 4-7 ($20). This shirt is quite spiffy in my opinion and the graphics are pretty awesome and even quite hilarious.

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Althea—Headed to 1st Grade

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I can’t believe that this gorgeous little girl is going to be going to first grade. She was really excited to check out Kohls for a new dress for the first day of school. She is a dress type of girl so she is always wanting to wear dresses. She chose the Youngland Crocheted Tiered Dress ($30). She loves it and again it has been hidden with the rest of the back to school stuff so that she is not wearing it before she is supposed to.

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She also got the adorable Carters Leslie Flats ($34.99). She loves that these are covered in glitter and that they are fun and cute. She told me that she can not wait for the first day of school so that she can wear these everyday.

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Andrew—Going into the 6th Grade

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Andrew is going to be going through a lot of big changes as he enters the 6th grade. He has a retainer in and is getting used to that and now he is also going to be in band. With all of that responsibility I like to reward him. I was excited to be able to allow him to pick out a new t-shirt. He chose the Majestic St Louis Cardinals Cooperstown Rooted in Nostalgia Tee – Boys 8-20 ($22). He loved this one and I was glad that he chose it because this is my favorite color combination for Cardinals shirts.

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Of course Andrew also got a new pair of shoes. He is a huge fan of Adidas which makes me smile since it was my favorite in junior high and high school too. He chose the Adidas Breeze Athletic Shoes – Boys ($54.99) as he loved the color combination. I think its a bit bright but I am sure that my mom thought that about a lot of the things that I wore.

Our back to school shopping has begun and it is really all happening with Kohls. We love the amazing products that Kohls has to offer us and I love the value. If you noticed the regular prices for the items that my children got was over $220 + tax and shipping. I got all of this with a coupon for just $104.16 shipped to my house. WOW!! One more reason for you to love Kohls for back to school. You are sure to get an amazing deal.