My Keys to Success with Weight Loss…Starting Week 3 #NSNation


I feel so fortunate that I was chosen to blog for Nutri System and I am so excited to share with you a few things that have been happening on my journey.

So week 1 was not the best for me. I credit that I did not gain weight to the fact that I stuck to the diet quite a bit. My problems though are normal problems that I feel like everyone struggles with. I struggled through the holidays (4th of July), a family reunion, and traveling out of town to stay with my mother in law. Since nothing was normal or part of our routine I slipped up a few times and this made losing weight impossible even though I was on the Fast Five. What I can tell you though is that I did pretty good and did not gain any weight over this week so I was very happy with the results.

Week 2 went a lot better and I had a 3 lb weight loss. So I am starting week 3 with 3 lbs off and I feel great about this. Do I wish that I had a bigger result? Of course but am I proud of the results that I do have? Yes, I am so happy with myself for doing something to be healthier and to reach my weight loss and healthy living goals.
Week 3 was going to be a harder one for me as well. I will admit that I am going at it head on but I did have a cupcake at my older two kiddo’s birthday party. I only ate one and I did really good the rest of the time although I did slip up and enjoy one Coke while I was there as well. I have been snacking on fresh fruit and veggies and trying to do everything in the way that I should for weight loss. So I have some tips that I am learning as I go and that I thought that I would share with you.

Tip # 1 – Be Prepared
I knew that I was going to slip up at their party but I did do remarkably well considering what I thought that I would do. I tried to avoid being around food and walked away while everyone was eating. I was also prepared with lots of fresh veggies and fruit to enjoy if I got hungry. This was not nearly as much of a challenge as I thought that it would be and personally I think that it got easier because I was prepared.
Tip # 2 – Stop Making Excuses
My life has been filled with excuses for the past two and a half years. I had three babies in three years. Yes this was hard on my body and no I am not a great pregnant person. I eat when I am pregnant and I eat a lot. I also get sick a lot and do not feel like doing much activity. While this is not something that I am proud of I do not need to keep making excuses for the condition that my body is in. Instead I am going to push on and avoid excuses at all costs.
Tip # 3 – Stop Comparing Yourself
One of the biggest struggles in my life is that I am always comparing myself to someone else. I want to get the results like my friends do but I don’t want to have to do all of the work that they do. I need to focus on me and not on anyone else and be proud of what I can do to make myself more healthy.
Tip # 4 – Get Moving
My biggest challenge now is to get moving. I am eating Nutri System and I am managing well with that now. I am enjoying some of the foods and know exactly what foods I would like to have included next month because there are definitely some that I have enjoyed more than others. Likewise I know which ones were not my favorites and were not ones that I want to try for next month. I am however not moving as much as I should be. I started out this morning promising myself to use the iHealth monitor that I had and to make sure that I have at least 10,000 steps by the end of the day (even if that means taking a walk once the kids are in bed since it has been raining and is wet out). I am also committed to doing a short 12 minute workout and at least 30 minutes of yoga. This is all less than 2 hours of my time in a whole day and something that I can do to improve my health. When I do not want to work out I am going to remind myself that these are the things that are going to save my life.