Finding Unique School Supplies and Fun Learning Games with Eeboo


A while ago when I was with Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog I worked with Eeboo for a review of some great products. I was very happy to work with them again to show what all they had to offer for your kiddos now that it is time to head back to school. I personally love school supply shopping. I am such a dork like that. In fact I loved office supply shopping when I used to work as well. So for me this time of year is so much fun. One of the things that I really strive to do is find the most unique back to school supplies that I can. In fact when I saw the supplies that Eeboo had to offer I just knew that I wanted to get my hands on them.

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We were sent some school supplies and art supplies to check out. I thought that I would share what I thought of the items that I received from Eeboo and then share with you some tips for finding unique school supplies that are not going to be like everyone else’s.


One of the things that I refuse to do for my children is purchase cheap off brand art supplies. If you have ever worked with cheaper crayons or colored pencils then you know that the colors are not as vivid and they do not seem to work as well as some of the higher quality items that you can find. The Oil Pastels from Eeboo are still very reasonable in price at just $7.99 for a box of 32 and you will love how well they work. They have the right consistency and deliver dark pigment to your paper when you are working with them.


We also received the Life on Earth Sketchbook ($5.99). The sketchbook is made of high quality paper that I can tell will withstand the abuse that my children put on paper when they are drawing or coloring. I am a light sketcher and writer so I never understood why the kids pressed so hard on their paper. In fact in the past some of our sketchbooks have ended up with holes in pages or pages have been torn because of how hard they are pressing on the paper. However with Eeboo this is just not the case. The paper is thick and withstands their abusive artistic style. Plus it looks great when they are done.


The Mermaid Lock Diary ($11.99) was a perfect gift for Althea this year on her birthday. Some girls like to have their own diary at school instead of having a journal and this would work perfect for them. Althea loves having a place to write her secrets and share the things that she loves about life.


We love to play games at our house and one of the things that I try to find all of the time is games that are going to help my child learn something new. I love the Simple Words Puzzle Pairs game ($14.99) that we received. This is a great tool to use with children who are just starting to learn how to read or write. I am excited to play this one with the middle two kiddos since they will both be working on more reading skills over the next year.

Tips to Find Unique School Supplies
**Think outside of the box about where you shop. The biggest tip that I have for finding unique things is to shop in unique places. I do a lot of our shopping online in an attempt to have items that are different than what everyone else has.
**Make sure you do not sacrifice quality for style. I hate it when the kids want character crayons. I hate telling them no but I also do not want them to have crayons that are not going to work as well. I love that Eeboo offers unique styles without sacrificing the overall quality of the products.
**Avoid taking pictures and posting them to social media before school has started. If you truly want your child to have something unique try to avoid showing others what you have until after school has started and they are likely to have already purchased their child’s.
Having unique school supplies might not be a big deal to everyone. For me it means that my child is going to instantly know which supplies are hers and is going to be less likely to have her supplies stolen or borrowed and not returned by other students. It offers me peace of mind to know that Eeboo offers some great high quality back to school supplies that feature unique styles that my child is sure to love.