Finding Great Books for Gifts DK Publishing is the Place to Go


One of the things that I love to give as gifts more than anything else is books. I will admit that there are some hard to shop for people in my life and I often end up looking for great giftable books for them. When I was researching publishers I found DK Publishing and was instantly impressed with their vast selection of books on different topics.  I thought that I would share a few of the books that I chose to review for gifts and tell you why I love them so much, a little about the gift getter, and share why I think they will love them.

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I was offered five books from the publisher and I chose two books that I plan on using as gifts sometime in the near future. I am very impressed with the quality of these “coffee table” styled books. I chose The Soccer Book for my soon to be 11 year old and Firearms an Illustrated History for my father who is very hard to buy for.
The Soccer Book

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The Soccer Book is quite impressive. It has a TON of information that I enjoyed flipping through it and I am sure that Andrew is going to love the book. He is a soccer nut even going as far as being a part of British Soccer Camp this summer. He is not the athletic type of child but he does love playing soccer which is good for him and something that he has done since he was four. He will have played for 7 years this fall.

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I love that the book has such vivid illustrations. The pictures are great and go through everything from the history of soccer to some of the best moments in soccer. There are parts of the book that look at different countries and how soccer is played there as well as a lot of great information about the game and how it is played.

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I am very eager to give this book to Andrew and plan on giving it to him on his birthday which is on July 30th. I am so excited to watch him read and tell me about the things that he learns. That is the type of child that he is. He is always reading and then coming to share with me random facts that he has learned while reading.

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Firearms an Illustrated History

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My dad gets excited about really loves few things in life. One of these things is firearms. While some people do not agree with the owning or use of firearms I often avoid this topic because I do not know what I think. I am not a firearms owner and do not have a gun nor do I have a FOID card that this time. I do know that I should probably have a card just so that I can go out shooting from time to time because I like shooting for sport. I enjoy target shooting because I think that it is challenging and fun in the same way that many people enjoy playing video games. It is how I grew up.

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The Firearms an Illustrated History is a book that I am 100% certain that my dad is going to love. I love this book just from flipping through it and I was fascinated with the information and beautiful pictures that I saw on the pages. I think that some of the guns from history are so beautiful with their amazing craftsmanship. I love the wonderful pictures that this book contains about guns throughout history.

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All in all Firearms an Illustrated History is going to make a great birthday gift for my father and is sure to be something that he is really going to enjoy reading for a few months. I am excited to hear what he thinks about it and to see if he learns something that he did not already know about firearms since he already has such a vast knowledge.
If you are looking for books to give as gifts then you must check out DK Publishing and see what they have to offer for those who you would like to purchase gifts for in your life.