6 Adventures on My Princess’ 6th Birthday


Today Althea turned 6.  It is INSANE to think of her as being 6 already.  I can remember the day that I found out that I was pregnant and I can not imagine life without her the same.  I am so blessed to have such a beautiful, smart, and sweet little girl that I get to call my own and I am happy to watch her grow.  That being said I do wish that time would slow down a bit so that I could enjoy more of these sweet younger years with my children.

I know that I stay home with the kids and I should never feel like I don’t get enough time to love them and enjoy them.  However there are times when I feel like I still am missing out on things.  I guess that I just want to spend each and every moment with them and be able to enjoy and savor every memory that I can.

So today I set out with the goal to have six adventures for Althea’s 6th birthday!

Here are the adventures that we had!

Adventure # 1 — Lake Argyle State Park

Adventure 1

We played on the playground at Lake Argyle State Park for a while.  It was a great time.  I even rediscovered how much fun it was to swing when I got here.

Adventure # 2 — Natasha’s Cupcakes in Macomb IL

Adventure 2

Today was Chocoholic day and Althea chose the Hot Fudge Sundae cupcake.

Adventure 2.3

Huxley chose the S’mores Cupcake.

Adventure 2.2

Adeline chose the Kit Kat Cupcake.  We also grabbed a PB Cup for daddy, a S’mores for Andrew, and a Turtle for Andrew’s dad since today is his birthday too.  I think that the kids thought that the best part of this adventure was that it was done before lunch.

Adventure # 3 — Patton Park, Macomb IL

adventure 3.1

We are a park type of family and this one had a lot of fun things to explore.

Adventure 3

Sadly it also had mean kids whose moms sat in the car texting.  That’s right she got pushed down from some little girl who was about 8 or 9 and was pushed into the step so hard that her tooth got knocked out.  (Good thing it was a little loose already or I would have probably had a mommy melt down.)  I had planned on saying something to the mother but while my child was bleeding uncontrollably her children ran to her car and she took off.  She never did get out of the car, never checked to see if my child was okay…NOTHING.  I am only happy that my daughter is still saying that it was the “best day of my life.”

Adventure # 4 — Making Her Own Lipgloss

adventure 4.1

We got this great little kit from ALEX Toys and she loves it.  Here she is mixing up some of her lipgloss.

Adventure 4.2

So focused on what she was doing.  How cute is this?

Adventure 4.3

She learned how to change the color of her lipgloss and was having fun choosing the colors for each one.  She chose to match the cases that they were in.

Adventure 4.4

She was so proud that she had made something that was so much fun.

Adventure # 5 — Photo Scavenger Hunt for 6 Things

Since mommy had taken her out throughout the day daddy got to take her on her own Photo Scavenger Hunt.  Of course mommy had texted him a list of the 6 things that he needed to find with her.

1.  Find Small Sticks and Twigs and Spell Your Name

Adveture 5.6

2.  Find a Flower (Yes, she chose to make her flower out of stones that she found.  I love that she is really this creative all of the time.) 

Adventure 5.4

3.  Find Stones and Make a Number 6

adventure 5.7

4.  Take a Picture with Something Funny

Adventure 5.3

*Yes, this child does have her father’s sense of humor.  A rotten tomato was the funniest thing that she could find.

5.  Take a Picture with Something High

Adventure 5.2

6.  Take a Picture with Something Low

Adventure 4

Adventure # 6 — Making Her Own Perfume

Adventure 6

A while ago I received a Perfume Science kit from Thames & Kosmos.  Althea did a great job making a delicious smelling perfume and she loved learning about the things as we talked about them.

So we took 6 adventures to celebrate her 6th birthday.  In addition to all of these fun things she got to plan our meals for the day.  She wanted pancakes for breakfast so she got some that were covered in princess sprinkles and real maple syrup.  She wanted McDonald’s for lunch and roasted pulled pork and edamame for dinner.  It was her day and I feel like we were able to make it completely perfect.