Tips to Find the Perfect Baby and Toddler Chair


I will admit that we are a bit obsessed with comfortable seating in our house. We have had little couches and chairs for all of our kids. The thing is that some of these have been big hits but others have seemed to miss the mark and the kids never end up sitting in them.

One of the best chairs that we have ever tried has been the Baby Bean Bag. My toddler, Adeline, loves this chair to no end. Even my four and five year olds seem to want to join in on the bean bag love and try to sit in the chair anytime that Miss Adeline is not around.

So since I have owned so many chairs I thought that I would share some tips that I have learned along the way.

Tip 1 – Find a Chair that is Comfortable
We have beautiful rocking chairs for our little ones. I envision these chairs being something that they will have when their own children are born. My mother in law purchased each one of our children these in their first year of life, for first birthdays or Christmases. However the thing that I find with these is that the kids do not like to sit in them. When I think about it I do not really blame them because I could not pick a wooden rocking chair over my comfortable couch so why would they? One of the things that we love most about the Baby Bean Bag is that the kids actually sit in it because it is comfortable for them. I remember my love for my bean bag chair when I was younger and completely understand why this is the case.

Tip 2 – Find a Chair that is Fun
What kid wants to sit in a boring brown chair? I will answer this for you, none. Finding a chair that has a cute pattern or bright colors is a must when shopping for children’s furniture. One of the things that I think that my girls really like about the Baby Bean Bag chair is the bright pink pattern that they see on it. It is pretty and fun to look at which makes it more fun for them to sit at.

Tip 3 – Find a Chair that is Going to Last
I hate when my kids get children’s furniture that you can not wash. Kids are messy. They are likely to spill food and drinks on their furniture. I love that the Baby Bean Bag comes with a toddler cover. This is purely an accessory and something that they did not have to include with the chair. However without this the cover to the entire chair could be ruined with spills. Instead you can just zip the cover off and throw it in the wash without having to figure out how you are going to clean the entire chair.

Tip 4 – Find a Chair that Offers More
When you get a Baby Bean Bag for your infant you are choosing a chair that will easily transition to a great toddler bean bag when they are no longer in need of an infant seat. These types of products are perfect for parents with little ones of different ages or for parents that do not have a ton of extra room to put additional seating or large baby items in.

These three tips will really help you to find a chair that is going to accommodate your little one. Choosing a Baby Bean Bag is a great idea because it is sure to be a chair that you and your little one will love for years to come.