Refresh with the freshness of NONNI’S THINaddictives


Do you remember sitting in the kitchen with your Mom or Grandma while eating your favorite recipe?

NONNI’S products are just that, a cherished family recipe that has been passed on through many generations. Some of you may be aware of NONNI’S biscotti and now with addition of THINaddictives no two cookies are alike. Did I mention these are twice baked?

I had the opportunity to try 3 different types of the THINaddictives and needless to say I am addicted.


Let’s start with the Cinnamon Raisin with Almond thins. They come 6 packages to a box with 3 slices in each bag. Each slice is filled with nothing but the best ingredients such as wheat flour and real fruit. With each bite you have the softness of the raisin and then the light crunch of almond which by the way this is my favorite. The softness and light crisp make for a great combination.

These wonderful products also come in Cranberry Almond and Pistachio Almond.

The best part is each pack is only 100 calories with only 25 of them from fat, Cholesterol and Sodium are also at a low. Each pack is only 14 Carbohydrates and only 5- 7 sugars.  It seems we are becoming more healthy consciousness and wanting to implement tasty snacks not only us but for our children also. Many of us just grab something through a drive though and go on yet we feel sluggish through the day. I am not saying you have to give up your favorite drive thru but, you will be pleasantly surprised at how you quickly do pull away from them.

I have changed my way of thinking and now With Nonni’S THINaddictives being  so conveniently packed it makes it super easy to keep a pack in your purse, your kid’s lunch or if you’re like me you have them sitting by your morning coffee. I am always left with the feeling of satisfaction starting with the scrumptious taste to the great feeling I get knowing I chose a healthy snack