We’re Doing It, We’re Going There, We’re Talking RevolutionWear! #sponsored


This post brought to you by Frigo. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband is your typical guy. He’s not into anything fashionable, and doesn’t ask for a whole lot. He puts his family before himself, and is often the last one to get anything new. If the kids or I need something he will do his best to be sure we get it, and will always put himself at the back of the line if it’s going to benefit his family. He’s a good man, and that’s why I do my best to be sure he has everything he needs. I know he’s not going to complain, or bring it up. There is only a few things he’s picky about, and in my option they are things I would be picky about if I was a man.

Yes, we are going there! We are going to chat about why men deserve better underwear! My husband deserves better underwear, he works hard, and he should be comfy. I mean so many different products for women, it only seems fair that someone would focus on men too – they have a lot going on too. Frigo, seems to have the answer, and it’s not underwear, it’s RevolutionWear! The perfect gift for men this holiday season! If you haven’t heard about Frigo yet, let me explain!

Have you heard of Frigo? They are an innovative new line of men’s underwear, which are designed with your man in mind. Frigo is also known for their patented signature feature, the FRIGO Zone. Which is an adjustable mesh pouch that provides ultimate supports and soft lock adjustment system so men have a great custom fit, because let’s face it they should!

I was just over at Frigo’s website, RevlutionWear.com and there’s this huge yellow lettering that reads MEN! Stop Wearing Underwear! I know you’re thinking commando, but Frigo’s isn’t talking about going commando, lol. Even better they are talking about the new innovation in men’s underwear – it’s Frigo’s RevolutionWear.

When you visit RevolutionWear.com you will quickly see how many people are already showing their support! Seems like Frigo has hit the door running, with big names showing up to their Frigo Launch Cocktail Party! It’s truly a game changer for men, and in my opinion men deserve something a little more thought out than boxers or briefs, don’t you think?

If you’re man has ever complained about his underwear be sure to check out RevolutionWear! Take a moment and check out all the features, I know what Shawn will find in his stocking this Christmas.
Frigo RevolutionWear Features

Adjustable Sizing – Let’s face it, we might not want to talk about it, but if you care about your man you want them to be comfortable. Men are built differently, and it’s about time they have something that can be customized to be sure they’re comfy too.

Patented Pouch – Helps to keep your guy well supported, and not like other garments, Frigo helps to add a patented pouch for men.

Breathable Mesh – There is always air flow, which has to be more comfortable!

Silicone Lining – Helps to prevent your man’s underwear from riding up, without ripping out leg hair.

Swing by Frigo, and learn more about their RevolutionWear, and let your man discover how this new line of men’s underwear will make the man in your life more comfortable, and change their world forever. Men deserve to be comfortable!