New Totally Awesome Nerf Rebelle!


IMG_1937We recently were lucky enough to review a new NERF Rebelle!  This is an awesome, totally fun new line of sleek and sport hybrid crossbows and blasters that my kids have a blast shooting darks all over the back yard, making up games, and best of all it’s for the girls.  Girls like boys toys too, but PINK and NERF nailed it.

IMG_1939The awesome NERF Rebelle shoots darts up to 75 feet, which as you can imagine is loads of fun.  Needless to say when we go to the park or anything and bring along our NERF Rebelle we have people following us asking if they can shoot it, where we got it, how much they are, and all kinds of other questions.  It’s made for the older girls, but still fun for the little ones.  My toddler is becoming a pro Rebelle shooter!

My favorite part about the kids having the new NERF REbelle to play with is that they are outside, playing, ahving fun and being active!  I love it when my kids get along, smile, laugh and having agood time.  It’s great, and I want to take a moment and say thanks NERF for making soemthing for girls too.  I know growing up I would have loved something like this., and it is a great toy for the a;

If you are looking for an awesome fun toy for you girl that she wont’ expect I high suggest the NERF Rebelle to anyone.  You can also visit and play a fun virtual mission, which my 8 year olds loves I have to kick her out of my office lol.  Be sure and check out to learn more, these things rock!