Who Hates Hair Loss? I know I do, luckily I tried Viviscal


This is kind of embarrassing, but I guess there comes a point in many men’s lives when they begin to notice they’re suffering from hair loss.  Yes, I admit it.  I’m by no means bald, but I have noticed my hair getting thinner over the last year.  It’s something I’m paranoid about, I come from a family where the men suffer from hair loss.  There’s no bald spots until the later years in their life, but I’m only 36!  ONLY 36, and too young to stress hair loss.  It’s something I knew I would have to deal with later in life, but not at 36!

There is plenty of other men who deal with the same thing, or that’s what my wife tells me.  I guess she is right or they wouldn’t make products like Viviscal.  To be honest when my wife first showed me that she received Viviscal for me I was a little insulted, but I had to bite my tongue because I had told her I wanted to try something like this.  I didn’t know she was going to run out and make me do a review, lol.  So here I am doing a review on Viviscal, and after it’s all said and done I’m glad to be sharing it with you.  Maybe it can help someone else as much as it’s helped me.  Let’s face it, hair loss SUCKS!  I don’t like using that word, but there is no other word that describes hair loss to me.

I’m not going to tell you a whole log about the products I was provided to review from Viviscal, my wife did a pretty good job giving everyone the run down on her blog Jenns Blah Blah Blog.  Swing by and check out her post on Viviscal Products.

For the review I received Viviscal Man Hair Growth Program, which is clinically tested AMINOMAR and 100% drug free.  It nourishes thinning hair and helps to promote existing hair grown from within.  There is 60 tablet, so enough for 30 days.

So I want to be honest, I have not noticed a different yet as far as taking the pills go.  Then again I have only been taking them for a little over a week.  I can tell you they are easy to take.  The pills are small, and you take one in the morning and at night with water and food.  I have not noticed any type of side effect from it.  I feel normal, which is a good thing.  I always worry about pills making me sick, but so far so good.

I also received Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers.  Now this is something I have noticed immediate results with.  The Filler Fibers are super easy to use, and do not leave you hair feeling yucky.  I normally don’t worry about those kinds of things, but I do not want to feel like a girl with hair spray in my hair.  It gives you fuller, thicker, natural looking hair right after you use it.  It’s that easy too.  It comes in a little tube, you shake the fibers on your hair and blend.  The fibers have electrostatic coating that binds to the shaft of your hard and helps it look like you have thicker hair.  It works too.  If you choose to get the Filler Fiber you might want to pay attention to the color.  It comes in 5 different colors, I received dark brown.

I was worried about how the Filler Fibers would feel after I washed my hair, but it just washes out.  I shampoo like normal and everything comes out, and when I’m ready to use them again I just repeat the process.  It does say that you can use hairspray and it will last longer, but I am not going to use my wife’s hairspray.  I just don’t think I could handle my hair feeling like that, so I have not tried that.

So here’s what I think about everything.  The Filler Fibers work great for me.  I don’t have a huge bald spot and have not lost too much hair, thank goodness, but I do notice my hair loss.  I don’t wish it on anyone, but sadly it happens so I’m thankful for products like Viviscal Filler Fibers.  Now, the Viviscal Man I’m excited about.  I cannot wait to see how well it works in a few months.  I have heard good things about it, not just from reading online but from friends.   Yes, that’s right we do talk about things like this.  Most of us do care about hair loss, whether we admit it or not.  We don’t want to go bald, it scares us.  I will continue to take the Viviscal for minimum of 3-6 months.  Which is how long Viviscal recommends.  In my opinion it’s worth it, you can get Viviscal.com, Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Rite Aid for $49.99.

My wife did ask me to do a before and after picture, but I kindly declined with a, “Babe, really do I have to.”  Luckily she didn’t make me.  I’m thankful she is sensitive to my hair loss, because it’s a really hard subject for me, regardless of how much of a man I am.  To put it bluntly, it’s embarrassing and I hope you can understand that.  The Filler Full does do an awesome job, it’s worth trying.  I know I will use it, especially since you can purchase it on Viviscal.com, or from Rite Aid for only $24.99 (be sure to check out the coupon code at the end of the post for 10% off), and a little bit goes a long way.  I figure the bottle that I received will last me a month or so.  It’s worth it, give it a shot!