I Want A Spot Resistan Bathroom Faucet!


We have recently been remodeling out bathroom.  There’s nothing better than a nice bedroom and bathroom.  My bedroom and bathroom are always the cleanest room in the house, lol.  I don’t know what it is, but waking up and looking at a nice clean bedroom and heading into a nice and clean bathroom first thing in the morning just helps start my day off right.  If I wake up to a mess, that’s normally how my day is.

We have been doing the finishing touches in the bathroom, you know like faucets and such.  I never noticed what a difference a nice faucet makes in the look of a bathroom.  I have been looking for a brushed nickel two handle faucet, which just jumps out at me.  I’m one of those people that will look and look until something just says, “hey pick me, I’m your new facet.”  I know it’s crazy, but it is how I work.

Now I am looking for more than just a brushed nickel faucet.  I want one that is spot resist.  I don’t want any toddler fingerprints on my facet either.  Seems like I spend so much time cleaning up after her, lol.  There is always fingerprints on my bathroom faucet.  So I need a spot resist faucet, lol.  I know, fat chance.  I don’t even think they make the, OH WAIT or do they?

Did you know that Moen has spot resistant bathroom faucets?  I almost tripped over my lip when I read that, I was only kidding when I was saying spot resistant would be nice.  I’m going to have to say that a Moen Spot Resistant Bathroom faucet would fit perfectly into our bathroom décor.  Not to mention it’s brushed nickel finish resists fingerprints, yep even those tiny, messiest ones that toddler carry.  The Moen Boardwalk meets WaterSense criteria and using up to 32% less water.  They do all this without sacrificing performance too!  Isn’t that fabulous? Boardwalk Spot Resist bath faucet is starting to sound to good to be true, pinch me I think I’m dreaming.  Nope, I’m awake it’s really that awesome.

 photo SpotResistregjpg_zps01cfd3d1.jpg

I don’t know about you, but I will be checking out the entire collection of Moen Spot Resistant Bathroom faucets!  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to so you can stay up to date with the fabulous Moen Boardwalk brand!  They have some pretty awesome products, I know I’m certainly impressed!

Don’t forget that you can purchase Meon Boardwalk at Lowe’s.