Show off your shape in a bodycon dress


The thought of a tight, short and constricting dress fills the majority of us with fear. Revealing our lumps and bumps to the world? No thanks! The hot trend of the moment, the ubiquitous bodycon dress, is for many of us something we dread and love in equal measure. For most, the only way we can fit into our sexy black dress is to diet frantically pre-wear.


Never fear, fashionistas. Somewhere, somehow, no matter what you figure, there is a figure hugging dress out there for you. I argue that you should rethink the bodycon dress.

Bodycon dresses were first favored in the nineties. They rose to fame as a dress designed to draw attention to the female form. Its real name is in fact ‘body conscious’ as it highlights the outline of the wearer and creates smooth lines which flatter and shape.

The bodycon dress tends to fall mid-thigh. Generally, they are made of elasticized material and can be ribbed, plain or panelled in design. Until recently, it was widely believed that this style of dress could only be worn by very slim women, due to the nature of the look it creates. However, more and more celebrities of varying shapes and sizes are choosing to wear these dresses. They are proud of their figures and we can be too!

The bodycon dress is, believe it or not, actually very flattering, whatever your shape. They suck in and smooth out, creating sensual lines and gentle curves. Wearing supportive underwear or high-waisted tights can be an added confidence boost, should you feel self-conscious whilst wearing one.

There is also no rule which states everything you wear must be tight. If you are wearing a bodycon dress, play with a looser jacket or a flowing scarf to offset the constrictive effect. Flattering colors will help to empower you – choose a black dress to vamp it up in the winter, or a dark gray, red, or blue shade in the warmer months of the year.

The bodycon dress comes with different necklines and may even have panels removed to draw the eyes to certain areas of your body. If you wish to deflect attention away from your waistline, consider a low cut neckline. Alternatively, a high neckline or high hemline can create the same effect. If you are conscious of your upper body, consider a panelled dress to draw attention away from your neck or arms.

Team your bodycon dress with tights, a jacket or oversized jewelry for a classy evening look. Or, dress your bodycon dress down with a denim jacket and flats for less formal day wear. You will look sleek and sophisticated, whilst feeling proud of your figure.


Enjoy the bodycon revelation, fashion lovers!