Six Creative Ideas for Curtains in Your House


Only the crafty people among us think of using premade, purchased curtain panels for a variety of fun, decorative uses about the home. What a great idea! Buy curtain panels in basic designs and colors you enjoy to use in many home projects that will personalize your home, liven up the spaces and save money on fabric that is need for these projects. Here are six creative ideas for curtains:

1.Throw pillows

Take those curtain panels in a variety of colors and make basic throw pillows for bedrooms, couches, reading spaces, anywhere they will invite a moment of relaxation. This particular project is an easy one that can be done even by those of us who are not quite as crafty as some. Colorful pillows with fun textures and patterns are warm and inviting in any space you choose to toss them.


A great DIY project is covering an old headboard with fresh, crisp fabric. Such a small change can completely change the vibe of the bedroom. Bright, cheery colors or warm, cozy colors and textures are both comforting and inviting.

3.Table cloths

Curtain panels are perfect tablecloth fabric, needing very little in the way of changes and adjustments as long as the size is right. Use them to dramatically drape end tables or small bistro tables or even sew them together to make a nice big cloth for the big table. Again, colors and textures make all the difference.

4.Chair and ottoman covers

Any chair or ottoman can be given a fresh look or a new lease on life in the room with curtain panels from Curtain World. A simple investment can be turned into a fresh start for a worn ottoman or outdated chair fabric.


If you’d rather have short and sassy valances as opposed to curtains, the curtains in Perth stores will surely have curtain panels you can appropriate for your project. Often purchasing curtain panels to alter is much cheaper than purchasing ready made valances and other such window treatments.

6.Fabric stand in

In just about any project where you would use fabric, basic curtain panels can be substituted. This is especially handy if you have extra curtain panels that are no longer in use being stored about the house. From throw pillows to table runners and chair coverings, from doll clothes to pillowcases, the list is nearly endless.

Using curtain panels from Curtain World is a great way to recycle and re-purpose while still gaining a lovely result for your home.