Simple Household Tips for a Greener Home and a Healthier Family


It’s quite amazing how simple home practices and habits can go a long way in caring for our planet. So, as the new year begins, sit down among your family members and discuss how you can go green (or continue greening your home) and stay healthy in the process.

There are numerous ways to stay green. If you want to cover the basics, here are some simple choices and tips for a greener home and a healthier family.

Use electricity wisely

This is very easy to do. When you leave a room, turn off the lights. When you sleep at night, make sure you completely turn off the computer. In the morning, open your curtains and enjoy natural light. Don’t turn on your lights unless very necessary. Always unplug unused appliances too.

Switch to energy efficient models

Well, you don’t have to switch all appliances at once. You can do it slowly, one appliance after another. If you plan to buy a new refrigerator or laundry machine, always check if it is eco-friendly. Purchase those with the energy star label.

Reuse scrap paper

Save the trees, print on two sides. If you and your children plan to do some artworks like coloring or drawing, do it on the other side of used paper.

Quit using disposable bags

Disposable plastic bags are not biodegradable. From now on, when you go to the market to buy fruits, or to the grocery to buy home supplies, or head to the mall to shop, use reusable bags. There are many places, online and offline, that sell reusable bags. You can even create your own!

Fix leaking faucets

One thing we cannot afford to waste is water. So when you see a leaky faucet, contact your plumber right away to fix the damage. If you know someone in the family or neighborhood who knows his or her way around pipes, do not hesitate to ask for help. Find ways to temporarily remedy the leak if the experts haven’t arrived yet.

Collect rainwater

Instead of using faucet water, use rainwater to water your household plants and garden. You don’t need to pay for it, and if your area experiences a lot of rain, you’re in good luck! Collect it in covered containers so as not to attract insects like mosquitoes.

Repurpose things

It’s really fun altering things. An old jacket can turn into a bonnet, an evening dress can turn casual, and used jars can be made into condiment containers in the kitchen. Let your creativity loose and you’ll get to think of something you can put to better use!

Drink purified water instead of bottled water

Bottled water is not as healthy as most people think it is. Aside from the presence of the same solids found in regular tap water, its bottle is made out of a plastic known as PET – that is literally trashing  our planet. The best thing to do is to buy a home water purification system and stick to purified water.