Economizing on Hair Care Products


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In this uncertain economy, many people are looking for ways to cut back and leave a little extra cash in their pockets.  One easy way of economizing is to change the way you use and buy hair care products.  Just because you budget is limited, you should not have to buy cheaper quality products.  The following are some tips that will show you how you can economize without compromise.

  • Buy in bulk.  Though buying in bulk is initially expensive, in the long run you will save money.  You have more buying power when you buy in bulk.  Just make sure the product you are buying is one you will enjoy for a long time; don’t buy tons of shampoo if you aren’t certain it is the right type for your hair.
  • Look for deals.  Jump at any buy-one-get-one-free deal.  You are basically getting the same product for half off.
  • Give your email.  By giving your email out to companies you know, trust and use, you can receive valuable coupons or offers through emails and online newsletters.
  • Spend strategically.  If you can’t live without the expensive conditioner, consider buying a less expensive shampoo.
  • Find new sources.  Grocery stores may seem like unlikely places for your favorite hair care products, but you may be surprised to find a great selection and even better prices.  Because of their buying power, grocery stores can often offer discounts on these products.
  • Don’t overuse.  A little is better than using a lot.  Don’t use excessive amounts of hair products when just a dollop will do.  Many people fall into the trap of thinking that the more shampoo or conditioner they use, the cleaner their hair will be.  In actuality, this can damage your hair and is a waste of hair care products.
  • Talk to your stylist.  You stylist may have some good tips and secrets for where to get your favorite hair care products.  They may even be able to give you a discount on some of the products.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Mix and match.  Look through you cupboards, drawers and shelves to see if you have any hair products that are usable but perhaps are not your favorite products.  Consider mixing your favorite products with some of your least favorite products.  This will stretch your dollars, and will leave with longer lasting hair care products.

Economize without the Compromise

By following these simple tips, you will be able to save yourself a lot of extra pocket money.  It may take a little more effort at first, but once your mindset and routine have been changed, these tips will become second nature.  When you are out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for savings and deals.  Jump at those two-for-one deals.  Buy your favorite hair care products in bulk.  Don’t smother your hair with excessive amounts of shampoo and conditioner.  Smaller amounts will be better for your hair and your wallet.  Take stock of what you have, and use up what is available.  Won’t it be nice not having to go to the checkout as often with an armload of hair care products?

Guest author Julie Greiman recently noticed she is experiencing thinning hair.  She turned to a local hair loss clinic for hair loss treatment products and hair loss information.  Since she has had to expand her budget to include these products, she is looking for ways to save money on other hair care essentials.