T-Rex and V-Necks Only On #iDGum


id gum, kinda

There’s nothing worse than wondering if the person you’re talking to is making that face because your breath stinks. I work in a professional setting, where I deal with the public all day, it’s important to feel confident that my breath smells good. I used to always have a mint on hand, then I started dieting. Needless to say, anything with sugar is not on the approved food list. So I started chewing gum.

I’m also picky about my gum, I like Peppermint and Spearmint gum as long as it’s not over powering. You know, makes you feel like you’re breathing fire or something. Why in the world would I want to be in pain, lol. I started chewing Stride gum a while back and was recently introduced to iD gum.

iD gum taste fabulous and tastes amazing. My favorite flavor is BerryMelon, it’s great, leaves my breath smelling fresh, nice fruity taste that isn’t over powering, but lasts. Not the mention the packaging that iD gum comes in is great.

iD gum launched ArtCade, it’s an awesome, unique arcade experience featuring 18 innovative games on iD gum’s Facebook page, and an Android application. You’ll soon see the ArtCade on iOS as well.
id gum, kinda
I love the ArtCade on iD gum’s Facebook page, you’re probably going to want to check it out. When you first visit the iD ArtCade you’ll find three packages of gum dangling from a string, Then you can begin playing games, my favorite is T-Rex in V-necks, it just sounds crazy doesn’t it. It’s great, you’ll see a man in his undies, lol. Then you’ll see a few T-Rex dinosaurs running by, you have to try and get them dressed.

Yes, sure sounds easy, it’s not. Well, either that or I just stink at the game, hummm I doubt I stink. Okay, maybe but either way….. have you ever tried to dress a T-Rex? Yup, before you think I stink, you need to head over to the ArtCade and give it a shot. Be sure and leave me a comment if you beat my high score of 300, lol. It’s really hard…

So what all games can you find at iD gum’s ArtCade? Like, I mentioned earlier there’s 18 games to choose from such as:

T-Rex in V0Necks
Censored Sensei
Not So Bald Eagles (lol, you have to see this one)
Snow Hoarding
Hind Quarters
Inkin Blinkin
Parent Teacher Nightmare

The rest you have to unlock, it’s so worth it.. The gum is great, and the ArtCove is awesome, Shawn and I had a blast paying around in the ArtCade. We fought over who’s turn it was, and totally spaced the reason we were even in there. We really started out writing this review, and ended up staying and playing for a few hours.
id gum, kinda

If you’re looking for some awesome gum, be sure to give iD gum a shot. You’ll love everything from the packaging, to the flavor of the gum. Oh, I almost forgot, when you pick up your pack of iD gum, be sure to pay attention to th marking on the gum… Nope, I am not going to tell you, just be sure and check it out. It took me a few peices before I notied how awesome it looked. Okay, that’s all I am telling you, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of iD gum, and the ArtCade games.

Okay, so I have to share the Bald Eagle Commercial, it’s funny.

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