7 Creative Wedding Favor Ideas


Congratulations! Your big day is on the horizon and now you have to sort out all the finer details that will make your wedding unique. The fun is just beginning, but it can be an overwhelming process when deciding upon the style for your cake, dress, music, venue, invitations and favors, just to name a few. With so many different options available to brides and grooms, it can be difficult to know what is right for you. If you’re searching for something that’s just a little bit different or have already decided on a creative theme for your wedding, check out these imaginative ideas for treating your guests to a favor they’ll never forget.

Retro Lollies

If you’re having a wedding with guests of all ages, consider a fun wedding favor that everyone can enjoy. Miniature gumball machines, bunches of swirled lollies and even hard-boiled candy are now popular at many weddings. These cute little favors are a lot of fun and a great way to brighten your table settings.

Scented Candles

For brides and grooms who don’t want to give edible favors, why not try the elegant touch of a candle. You can choose your scented candle around the theme of your wedding, creating a scent that reminds guests of your big day.

Pizza Cutter

Hear me out before you think I’ve gone crazy, because the adorable “slice of love” pizza cutters are a quirky idea for brides and grooms who want something that’s different. Engraved with hearts, these adorable utensils are sure to be a talking point for your big day.

Custom Notebooks

I was recently invited to a wedding where the bride and groom gave each of the guests a notebook, with a small bundle of chocolates. The notebook was a really sweet idea and whenever I use it, I think of the fun we had at their wedding and the love that they share. Customized notebooks are a creative option and are very easy to transport to your venue – one less thing to worry about! Personalized gifts, such as notebooks, come in a range of designs, which allows you to choose your own text and even include your favorite photo on the cover.

Cupcakes in Boxes

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Well, make the most of your sweet tooth and indulge your guests with some yummy cupcakes. While they’re still a great deal of fun, cupcakes can easily match with a classical themed wedding and are also the perfect choice for an intimate day.

A Box of Mints

One of the more recent additions to the wedding favor market, vintage tins of mints and cutely packaged designs are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. These creative favors won’t melt in the heat and are a fun idea, particularly for beach weddings.

Single Use Cameras

Turn all of your guests into professional photographers, by giving them the gift of a single use camera. This fantastic favour idea is perfect for capturing some candid moments and is sure to provide many laughs, long after the day is over. Whatever your chosen theme, always remember that personalised gifts are a thoughtful option for your wedding favors. Whether you’ve decided on chocolates or think candles might be more your style, add a customized touch for a gift from the heart. Written by Tara B It was almost as good as dream comes true for Tara when she got an offer as a full-time writer three years ago. Tara loves to share her passion on anything to do with DIY with her fellow readers. When Tara is not writing you will most probably find her at her local yoga studio coaching fellow yogis.