NERF FireVision Football Product Review


Let me begin by just saying WOW! I had so much fun throwing this football with my brother-in-law, we must have played catch for a couple hours. You should have seen some of the looks we were getting from passers by, I assume the looks were because of our super sweet FireVision frames.

I am a 34 year old guy, and I can think  back to my childhood and recall almost exactly how many times my friends and I wished we could play football at night, mostly because we grew up in the desert where during the summer time its nothing for the temp to hit 110 by 11 am. We would tape glo-sticks to a football and play that way, but catching a ball with glo-sticks taped to it gets rather painful pretty quickly. So that idea never really took off.

Fast forward about 25 years, my wife walks into the room, dumps a box in my lap, and tells me to open it for her. When I got the box open it only took a second or two for me to figure out what it was. At first, the two pairs of FireVision frames kind of threw me off a little bit, but after figuring out exactly what they were for, I immediately called my brother-in-law.

The NERF FireVision Football looked like something that would come from an alien spaceship, the reflectors that don’t really reflect regular light, not even sunlight, the only light they reflect is the light emitted by the NERF FireVision frames in either green or red light. The green frames were my favorite, the green seemed more vivid than the red. In my opinion a game of night football with the NERF FireVision Football is well worth the $19.99 SRP.

2012-08-30_21-13-15_459The FireVision frames have a range of up to 100 feet making the NERF FireVision Football as much fun to throw around in the dark as it is during the day, by the way you can still see the light from the NERF FireVision frames during the day! You would have to see this with your own eyes to understand why they call it FireVision. It was so awesome to see a football drop out of a pitch black night sky looking like a ball of bright green flames.

I will admit, that it takes some getting use to playing catch in the dark, but I am totally hooked now and I tell everyone about my new NERF FireVision Football I even got some of the kids from the hood to join in on the fun, I thought I would never get my FireVision Football back, those stinking kids were going to kill the batteries that came with my frames, so I was forced to take them away.

NERF offers other FireVision sports if you don’t care for football, like the NERF FireVision  Hyperbounce Ball that comes with one pair of the FireVision frames for $9.99 SRP. For you Basketball fans, they have the NERF FireVision Nerfoop for $14.99 SRP that also comes with one pair of FireVision frames. You can purchase additional NERF FireVision frames in red or green for $5.99 SRP each.

Hurry out and get yourself a NERF FireVision Football and a few extra sets of NERF FireVision frames and start a night time football league in your neighborhood like I did, the kids will love it and it is so cool to see the FireVision Football blazing through night sky. Just think, if your son or daughter can catch a ball at night, imagine what it will do for their hand eye coordination and reaction times.