What Does Your Couch Say About Your Personality?


Couches are often the primary seating unit in a living area. Used for conversation, napping, lounging or sitting, they could easily vie for the most frequently used piece of furniture you own (outside your bed). But what does your couch say about you?


There are typically only three different placement options for a couch in any room: against the wall, as a room divider or “floating” in a larger space. Granted, there are some floor plans in which the only place there is room for a couch is against the wall, but for larger areas with more possibilities, the positioning of your couch may say something about your personality.


Choosing to place your couch against the wall may indicate your desire to use space efficiently and to have a more traditional décor. It might also reveal a preference for seeing everything or everyone in the room without having to crane your neck.


Using a couch to divide an extra large space into smaller, more conversational spaces could show your tendency to categorize items in your life. You value functionality and order.


Placing the couch “haphazardly” in a room (away from the wall and not as a room divider) shows a more creative, risky and adventurous personality. You would rather do things your own way than succumb to the norm.


Couches of all shapes, sizes, colors and styles are available to any online consumer. As a result, it is impossible to address every possible look that exists. Here are some generalizations, though.


Brightly colored couches represent a bold personality who likes to follow the latest trends, while neutrally colored couches show a more conservative, neat-and-clean individual. Natural colors (shades of brown and green) tend to decorate homes of owners who are more relaxed or outdoorsy, as is often seen in Denver downtown real estate.


There are couches with straight, hard lines, overstuffed couches with a fluff about them, and curvy couches. Shape and texture reveal various characteristics of the owner.


Sexual identity jokes aside, a straight couch with hard lines can communicate one of two things, rigidity or modernity, depending on the arms of the couch. Modern couches will have no arms to close off the hard lines, leading one to believe the owner appreciates structure, but has an open mind. Rigid couches have arms, but the arms are just as straight as the rest of the couch. These owners seemingly value routine and order over comfort.


As with the straight couches, overstuffed sofas lend themselves to two interpretations: comfort or comparison. The difference tends to be found in the texture of the upholstery. Overstuffed furniture with a soft (micro suede or cotton) texture points to an owner who values comfort and is more concerned about the people who use the couch than the people who see the couch. Those with leather or faux leather overstuffed sofas abide by the mantra “Bigger is better.” They tend to want people to think highly of them, be impressed by them or feel inferior around them. It is not uncommon to see such sofas garnishing Denver luxury real estate.

Couches with curves

For years, couches fit into a relatively basic, rectangular mold. Modern geometric trends have surfaced more unusual shapes in the form of curves. Curvy couches indicate a personality that likes to color outside the lines, values creativity and wants to be unique. This blends well with the “off the wall” couch placement, because curves will not sit flush against a wall.