Steps 4 Kits Learn to Draw DVD Product Review


Drawing is such an important part of my children’s lives.  I seriously freak out watching my 2-year-old try to draw.  She’s always walking around with a pencil and paper in her hand.  It’s so cute, when she draws a line, the excitement begins.  You’ll hear her consistently screaming, “DADDY, LOOK”!  She is so proud of herself.  Not long ago I came home from work to my children drawing using the Steps4Kids DVD.  My toddler tried hard to pay attention and understand, it’s still hard for her.  However, my 7-year-old has been at it for weeks.  If she has free time, she’s in the livingroom with her new DVD on, learning to draw.

She’s improved so much, I wish I would have thought about getting them something like this sooner!  They love it!

Okay, so it’s fun and they like it but does it help?  YES, YES, AND YES!  My 7-year-old has really been practicing, and learning so much.  Her drawing has improved so much.  She watches the DVD, and tries to do exactly what they are doing on TV.  It works better for her than dad showing her how to draw something.  Not exactly sure what the difference is, but it seriously works!

The DVD is about 90 minutes long and teaches children how to draw different shapes, animals, people and more.  It’s a wonderful product for children of all ages, even my 2-year-old try’s it.  She might do too great, but we all start somewhere, and she tries.  My 7-year-old really focuses on the animals, she has always loved to drawn animals and you can finally tell what she’s drawing, lol.  She’s still working hard on the horse, that’s a hard one for her but she’s come a long way and it’s giving up.

She’s starting to focus on the faces a little, but she has always enjoyed to draw animals so much more.

This is a great DVD for children of all ages.  Smaller children can focus on learning to draw shapes such as;

  • Circles
  • Square
  • Trainable
  • Heart
  • Cube
  • Stars

While they grow with the DVD and their drawing abilities improve they can focus on the animals and faces.  There’s a total of 20 animals for them to master, so they won’t outgrow the DVD quickly.  It’s something that will last, and if you’re child enjoys drawing they’ll love it for a long time.

If your children enjoy drawing, or you want them to work on it I highly recommend purchasing Steps4Kids Drawing DVD.  It’s helped my 7-year-old really step her drawing skills.  She’s more focused and calm when she draws now, there’s no frustration because she cannot do something.  I think the DVD does a great job in teaching them the basics, so they have a better understanding of how everything works.  It’s a wonderful DVD at an affordable price of $24.99!  We love Step4Kids Drawing DVD and give it TWO THUMBS UP!