Smoobee Brush Product Review


Remember being young and your mom or any adult for that matter brushing your hair?  Oh my gosh, it was the end of the world to me!  I hated it when anyone would brush my hair, it hurt and I had so much other stuff going on.  There was no time for brushing my hair, are you crazy!  My daughter is the same way, she is 2 and ½ so it’s a constant battle, every morning to get her hair brushed.  I ran into this brush called a Smoobee, it’s supposed make getting those tangles out easier on those tender heads, but does it work?

Smoobee the Magic No Cry Brush actually worked amazing, some days my daughter still fights with me but that’s because she’s 2 years old and that’s what they do, lol! When I first saw the brush I have to be 100% honest, I thought it wasn’t going to work.  It really doesn’t look any different from the brush I have in my bathroom.

So what makes the Smoobee so special?

Smoobee is designed just for kids.  The bristles are uniquely designed to effectively brush your child’s hari without snagging or caching.  It comes is pink, purple, and turquoise….the fun colors!  The brush is perfect size and weight for children to hold and use on their own.  I even saw that some children have BEDAZZLED their Smoobee Brush, what a fun idea!  Then your child will really love to brush their hair.

My 2-year-old loves her Smoobie brush, and they are right something about the bristles does make the brush gentler on your children’s hair.  I cannot wait to decorate it, I finally bought some glue to add some fun sparkly stuff!  WOW, Madisyn is going to love brushing her hair now!

I have been using the Smoobee brush for about 3 week and am very happy with the results.  However, remember there’s some tangles that, well no brush is going to get out.  Shawn also has been using the Smoobee brush; he has been growing his hair out!   The Smoobee Brush comes not only mom recommended but dad recommended as well

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Disclosure: I was provided a free product for review.  However, the above information is my own opinion based on my own experiences.  I only provided information on products, services or websites I feel my readers will find value in.