Planning your garden layout for family activities


Gardens can be very busy places for the average family. They have to play host to a number of purposes and activities. For this reason you need a lot of planning if you are going to get maximum use out of your outdoor space.

Families are faced with the problem of having a garden that is suitable for relaxing, hosting, children playing in and even cooking. So the layout and design of your garden has to reflect these functions. For many families this is simply a case of storing away things when they don’t need them and rearranging the garden for each separate activity. For example if the children want to play a paddling pool and some outdoor toys can be taken out. Then if the parents want to host guests and relax, this will all have to be cleaned away and garden furniture laid out. This is a troublesome and lengthy process, but sadly it is the only way for a lot of families.

However with some careful planning you will be surprised at the amount of space you can create. Not only can you create new space but you can make the garden much more functional. The first thing to do is clear everything away if you can. If this is not possible then at least move everything to one side / area. Now you can see your garden uncluttered and as a blank canvas. Start planning out how you can fit your items in to flow better. What is meant by this is try to have a set seating / BBQ area. Then also have a spot where the kid’s outdoor toys can stay, a further spot for your delicate plants etc. Breaking your garden down into functional sections saves you a lot of time and effort in terms of rearranging your garden around activities. In additions to this things will generally look a lot neater and be easier to upkeep.

If you have delicate plants and young children you might want to border off your plant section. This can be done with small shrubs/bushes or low wire/wooden fencing. This will create a clear divide and discourage your children from entering/playing in this area.

You will find that once your garden is organized and broken down into sections maintenance becomes easier. This is because instead of having a shed or garage crammed with interchanging garden bits and pieces it all has its own place. With all of your garden stuff allocated to designated places you can keep them tidier and better kept. When everything is lying in a mount is often seems far too daunting a task to keep it all in order.

Hopefully with this advice your family can get much more enjoyment and usage out of your garden.