FREE Blogger Opportunity | 5 Winners Awesome Treasures


Your readers will love you for this fabulous event!  Hidden Treasure Candles, WOW!  PRETTY AWESOME, RIGHT! Give your readers the chance to win not one but TWO candles, and FIVE winners!  OMG, that’s totally awesome!  

Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog, Pink Ninja Blogger and Diva Fabulosa are hosting another awesome giveaway!  They will be giving away 10 candles, to 5 super lucky people!  That’s two candles per winner, So that’s a $50 value per winner, normally the candles are 24.95 each!  yepie, and there’s 5 winners, this giveaway is valued at $250 thanks to our awesome sponsor Hidden Treasure Candles! 


Check out whats inside these awesome candles!

  • Every candle has a beautiful hidden treasure inside.
  • Every 500 Candles sold, one lucky customer will win an iPad 3!
  • Every 1000 Candles sold, one lucky customer will receive a Le Vian Necklace!
  • Every 5000 Candles sold, one lucky customer will receive a Tiffany & Co. Pendant!
Check out some of the amazing prizes that could possibly be inside any Hidden Treasure Candle!
About this event
  • 5 winners – 2 Candles per Winner
  • FREE Facebook And Twitter link for this giveaway
  • Extra links are only $2
  • Daily Votes $3
  • Must Post about event or pay $5