Enter to Win Fire Pit and DuraFlame Roasting Logs


Can you believe it?  WOW, where has the time gone?  Summer’s on it’s way out and falls coming up on us fast!  Whether we like it or not, we’ll be saying goodbye to   the bright summer flowers and hello to the beauty of fall.  I personally love fall, the colors are amazing, tempature has cooled down enough to enjoy being outside, and the holiday’s are approaching fast.  What, I just realized it!  Before we know it we’ll be talking about presents and Santa.  How the time passes us by if we don’t stop to cherish every moment.

If you’re like me or live where it’s HOT during the summer, I’m sure you can show appreciation for the fall season.  Fall is personally my favorite time for many activities.  It’s the perfect season for walks after work, family outings, gatherings with family and friends, camping, anything outside is better in the fall.  In the summer where I live, it’s HOT even at night.

If you’re planning a camping trip there’s no need to bring along a fire pit, marshmallows, or anything that you’ll be doing over an open fire.  However the fall months make camping more fun, there’s a reason to have a fire.  Which means more time for roasting marshmallows, singing songs over a campfire with the kids, and telling spooky stories over a camp fire.  How I cannot wait for fall to hurry up and visit.

Maybe you’re in need of a fire pit for your social gathering at your home.

It’s the perfect time to enter to win this awesome sweepstakes brought to you by DuraFlame.  Right now you can enter to win a fire pit for you fall outings or outside  gatherings with family and friends.  Entering is easy, you’ll just fill in your details for your chance to win a brand new fire pit for your  camping needs or backyard and a supply of duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs giveaway monthly this summer.