Always Upbeat Book Review


Book: Always Upbeat

 Author: Stephanie Perry Moore

It was my pleasure to work with Stephanie Perry Moore on the book review for Always Upbeat.  Mrs. Moore is a married mother of three and is an extremely talented author from the south, born in South Carolina and raised in Virginia, She attended school in Alabama and is the author of many YA Inspirations fiction titles such as Urban Flip Book Series, Lockwood Lions, Payton Skky series, Laurel Shadrach series, Perry Skyy Jr. series, Faith Tomas Novelzine series, Carmen Browne series, Morgan Love series and Beta Gamma Piseries.  Mrs. Moore also spends time speaking to the younger generation across the country, sending a strong message and encouraging them to reach their dreams.

She is a busy women that has followed her dreams and is a walking breathing example of what we can do if we follow our dreams.  She did a phenomenal job with her book Always Upbeat, I have to be honest I did read the book but my 13-year-old daughter did most of the reading.  She absolutely loved the book, is working on round number two.  When she finds a book she likes, its normal for her to read it several times.  My daughter tells me the reason she reads a good book over and over is, “because mom, it’ kind of like when you find a song you like, we all have to listen to it over and over again.  The only difference is you don’t have to listen to me.”  LOL, the mind of children, and a sarcastic teenager never the less.  She’s a good kid, but she likes to get her kicks in at mom when she can, don’t blame her I did it to my mom.

I am honestly going to let my daughter take it from here, she loved the book and I think she will bring more life to it than I will.  The book was definitely something she enjoyed and fits her age group.  Everyone, meet Catilin my 14-year-old daughter!  Take it away Catie!

Hi everyone, this is the second time I have reviewed something on my mom’s blog!  I think it’s about time I start my own, if I get awesome books like Always Upbeat.  This book was great, it’s about Charli.  Charlie has what seems to be the perfect life, the one that all teenagers want.  She is a popular junior that goes to school at Lockwood High, and spoiled rotten.  She is the girl that everyone wants to be she has the cutest boyfriend, captain of the cheerleading team, I guess just the coolest girl in school.  My mom says there was even girls like that in the dinosaur ages, ha-ha don’t tell her I said that.

This book is good because it teaches you that just because everything looks perfect doesnt’ mean it is.  Things happen in a second and everything changes for Charli.  He friend betrays her and everything flips.  Charli finds out her boyfriend that she loves only wants one thing from her, but it’s not true.  This is a good book I don’t want to tell you all of it because you need to read it for yourself.  I will tell you that this book is an A+ in my eyes, I am working on reading it again I liked it so much.  It’s easy to follow and really brings you in there was times when I really felt bad for Charli and honestly I did not like her in the beginning of the book because she seemed like one of the preps that are spoiled.  When the book moved on I got to know who she really was and I just wanted everything to work out.


This book has also made me thing about things in my own life, drama.  I don’t like it but am in middle school now and the older I get the more full of drama the girls are and sometimes they want to make your life fall apart.  I think after reading this book I will really think before I just belive what another person has to say.  Thank you for this book, I really enjoyed it and will be sharing it with my friend after I read it a little more.

Thank Catie, isn’t she great!  I have to agree she is faced with more drama and I have been lucky to have her, she’s not much for talking bad about people, hurting anyone, or getting in the middle of drama..  She will pretty much turn and get away from it.

Now my review on the book, I will keep it short and to the point.

I agree with Catie, on of the biggest points in the book that children can learn from is not to allow anyone to turn your life upside down.  Unfortunately at that age there are people who are jealous and want what you have and will start rumors.  Teaching children to have the ability to make up their own mind about something that is happening in their life is important.

I believe this is a perfect book for any teenager that enjoys a good story.  Its written in a way that it’s easy to understand even if you don’t read perfect you’re able to follow along with the story.  The two characters are Blake and Charlie, and they very much fit their parts in the book.  You can picture what they look like, I could see how Catie got sucked into the book, I enjoyed reading it as well and I know at 13 I would have loved this book.

The book is written where kids that struggle reading can read and understand the book and the story is good enough to keep the attention of those that read at a higher level.  The story of the two teenager coming of age, learning about relationships, friends, family and putting all that together, oh don’t forget spots.  Sports play a huge role in the book, they learn about life in a way that grabs your attention and makes you feel like you know the characters.

I think for the younger generation this is a wonderful read, I give it two thumbs up along with my daughters A+.  It’s wonderful for all age groups but perfect for the teens, the story is wonderful and written in a ways that its easy to understand and follow.  I also enjoyed how close you felt to Charli and Blake, my daughter and I both agreed we felt like we knew them, could picture what they looked like, and compared them to people we went to school with.

Mrs. Moore did an outstanding job making this book readable for all different reading levels and I feel that’ extremely important when you are writing a book geared toward the teen generation.  They all read at different levels and hats off to Mrs. Moore for writing Always Upbeat in a way everyone can enjoy it.  I look forward to purchasing some of her other books for my daughter, which she is requesting now that she knows about them.

If you’re looking for a good read for you teenager I highly recommend Always Upbeat.