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If you are a dog lover, I think you will enjoy this fabulous freebie from Purina! 

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I love my puppies, however they are not puppies anymore!  They are big huge labs!  Most of you know that I have 4 children, Shawn (lol the biggest child of them all), and 4 BIG puppies!

In our home the BIG puppies are the good children, you know the ones that listen, don’t talk back, don’t get into stuff, play outside, oh did I say listen.  Okay, yea we love our children, but its a fact the dogs listen better and don’t tell everyone everything they hear.  Really don’t have to watch your mouth, say whatever you want!  They pups cannot say the F word anyway, lol!

Not only do they pups listen better, they love our family and watch out for the kido’s!  They all have their favorite, Catie adopted my dog Skittles!  Skittles is the oldest and most photogenic of the bunch.  Then you have bruiser who is comes off as mean, but just a bag baby that’s Vayda’s dog.  Then there’s Piper, and well she has a screw or two loose, lol she is nuts yet very loving, sweet, huggable, and listens the best of the group.  This would be my special need son’s dog.  Then we have Brody, hummmm not sure what to say about him!  He’s sweet, hyper, crazy, sweet, wound up, crazy, sweet and eats anything, loves the water and did I say hyper?  This would be Madisyns pup, yes just alike!  Two peas in a pod!

Funny how that works, they say dogs are like their owners!  They really are when you think about it, whoever they are closest to, they resemble the most!