Enter to Win a LoveSac – You’ll Love This


Welcome to the LoveSac Event!  This is an awesome product keep reading to learn more!  You’ll leave here with your fingers crossed that you win this event!  I can almost garantee it!  Thaks for stopping by and best of luck to all our fabulous readers!  We would be lost without you and there would be no reaso to give awesome stuff like this away!  Thank you and good luck!

Before I forget this fabulous event is hosted by Mom Powered Media.

LoveSac is awesome for sponsoring this fantastic event & co-host Everyday Ramblings of My Life.


Cow Phur CitySac Package

  • CitySac & Cow Phur Cover
  • Cow Phur SodaSac Drink Holder
  • Cow Phur TubeSac Pillow
  • Squattoman & Cow Phur Cover
  • FREE Kobe the Cow!

About Cow Phur

It is a little known fact that Lovesac Cow Phur is one of the rarest phurs in all of South America. It is found only at the Southern tip of Argentina, just above Tierra Del Fuego, where for three months of the year this special breed of bovine grows an unnatural amount of equally unnatural phur to bolster their backsides against the southern winds coming off the shores of Antarctica. This illicit phur is harvested at night while the cattle sleep, and then smuggled by trained night-vision jet boat operators around the tip of the continent, up the coast, and through the Panama Canal onto the shores of southern Texas.  SEE, AWESOME PRODUCT!  ARE YOU CROSSING YOUR FINGERS YET?

The CitySac

The CitySac is called by some of our Sac’rs, the “perfect” Sac.

Cow Phur Squattoman

The Squattoman just may be LoveSacs coolest, simple invention. Filled with thousands of tiny microbeads (not foam) the Squattoman’s non-stretch fabric along its walls restricts the beads from expanding outward when the little guy is sat on, so even though the Squatt feels squishy on top, IT MOVES AROUND TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NICE AND COMFY!  I WOULD NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!

Cow Phur SodaSac Drink Holder

The SodaSac snaps onto the handles on the side of the Sac to hold your beverage of choice–allowing it to swing, just a bit, inside of its internal pouch which acts like a mini gyroscope to help keep your drink upright (but if you jump onto your Sac with a drink in it, it will still spill, ITS ALSO MACHINE WASHABLE!

Cow Phur TubeSac Pillow

The TubeSac snaps on right above the Sac logo flap and works like a neck-roll, supporting your head in the perfect TV watching, gaming, or reading position.

Lifetime Guarantee.

Swing in a LoveSac store today and checkout their alternative furniture options or shop online now.

Will you be the lucky winner that receives the Cow Phur CitySac Package!