ClaireaBella Jute Bags Finally in the USA


The amazing ClaireaBella Classic jute bags have finally landed in the USA! With a huge fan-base established in the UK and a strong celebrity following ClaireaBella bags are starting to make a name in the US fashion market too! Celebrities such as Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorgo and Tracey Dimarco have been spotted with their ClaireaBella bags suggesting ClaireaBella is already starting to attract a strong following.

The range of ClaireaBella Classic bags available exclusively from give the option to personalize your very own ClaireaBella character to look just like you! Just select your ClaireaBella’s hair style and colour and also eye colour to create your personalized ClaireaBella character design. You can also select from a number of fabulous outfits including glam dresses, casual looks and even a Bridal dress – there’s a style to suit all! have also launched a range of Bikini Bags for the summer which are perfect for carrying your essentials around the beach or pool! With six cute bikini styles to choose from there’s one to suit everyone’s tastes. To make your ClaireaBella Classic bag extra special add a name or special message which will appear down the left-hand side of the bag between two cute hearts.  The ClaireaBella bags are ideal for any occasion; they make a great shopping bag or are perfect to take on the beach!

To add to the bag’s awesomeness these jute bags are actually hand-crafted and hand-painted by a team of qualified ClaireaBella artists in the UK ensuring that each bag is truly unique and created with care. Each bag is then beautifully decorated by hand with a rosette bow, ‘Hand Made with Love’ charm, Swarovski crystals and lots of glitter!

Although a team of artists hand-paint the bags all of the designs are exclusive ClaireaBella designs created by the ClaireaBella founder Claire Barratt. Claire is a working mum who began hand-painting and selling the jute bags as a way to raise some extra money to treat her family. Little did she know that she had created a fashion phenomenon and so the ClaireaBella brand was born!

As well as being a great fashion bag the ClaireaBella bags are also environmentally-friendly! They are made from natural jute fibres sourced from India and the fibres are bio-degradable and recyclable. The jute material also ensures that the bag is strong and durable enough to carry your essentials whilst the amazing customized design means that you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd.

You can choose from a Large, Medium or Small ClaireaBella Classic jute bag depending on the occasion you would like to use it for. The large and medium jute bags make a great shopper, weekend or beach bag, whilst the small polo jute bag is perfect for evenings out or even for children.