Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion Review


I was recently asked to give Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion.  The timing couldn’t have been better not only have we put up our pool, but we went on a mini vacation to the lake.  I took the Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion with us for the children and adults. I have always used and been a fan of Banana Boat sunscreen so I was very excited to try the Natural Reflection Sunscreen.  I was given 3 bottles of Natural Reflect sunscreen:

  • Natural Reflect for Baby
  • Natural Reflect for Kids
  • Natural Reflect for the big kids:)

There’s no doubt about it either, summer is here in full force.  I remember being my kids age and not wanting to put sunscreen on, trying anything I could think of to get out of it.  Now I am the mom that has to convince her children to put on sunscreen.  Oh the joys of parenthood.  You have to love those moments that take you back to that time you told yourself you would never do that to your children.  Yes right, I catch myself all the time, and have called my mom on several different occasions letting her know how sorry I am for that “one time”, lol!

We are a very outdoorsy family.  We have a pool in the backyard that someone is always in, tend to head out camping at least twice a month, take as many vacations as possible, and when we’re not having fun outside we’re working.  We have a huge backyard with lots of grass, flowers, etc.  Between the six of us someone is always outside, so there’s always a need for good sunscreen.

Most of you know by now that I have 4 children, they are all pretty healthy no problems, but son has cerebral palsy and with that comes the sensitive skin.  This kid will burn if he’s outside for 15 minutes.  He doesn’t get to have as much fun as everyone because of his condition.  I have to mention what an awesome family I have!  The 3 other kids are 13, 7, and 2.  I have never heard them complain or have anything to say if they cannot do something because their brother isn’t able.  Makes me proud that they are understanding and loving enough to take it for what it is and make the best out of it.  It’s hard as an adult to do that at times, my children are so amazing.

I really haven’t been able to find any sunscreen that doesn’t irritate his skin or truly keep him from being burned.  It’s always one or the other, it burns him regardless or doesn’t protect him as promised.  We have been using Natural Reflect on him for the last few weeks and I love it.  Honestly the first sunscreen that does what it’s supposed to for him.  There’s no irritated red skin and it helps product him while he is outside.  A+ IN MY BOOK!  I always get so excited when I find products that work for my son.  Finding more products for him to use increases his opportunities in life.  This one is huge too, now he can get out in the pool with everyone.  He still cannot stay out as long as everyone else, but that’s due to his sensitive skin and his body just won’t allow it.

It made me so happy to finally see him in the pool with the other kids playing, even if it’s just 30 minutes.  That’s 30 minutes was enough for him and put a smile on his face all day.  Thank you Banana Boat, for making a sunscreen genital enough for his skin yet powerful enough to help prevent him from being burned.

Normally when you put sunscreen on you end up with a white film over the area you applied it to.  Not with Natural Reflect, there’s no while residue left when you are finished.  Now that’s something to be excited about.  My children don’t like sunscreen because of the while film that end up left on their body.

My kido’s are out in the pool fun the time they wake up until we kick them out.  We need a sunscreen that’s extremely water-resistant.  Natural Reflect by Banana Boat did the trick, lasted the entire 4 hours we were outside.  This wonderful formula offers sun protection using naturally sourced sunscreen active that reflect UVA and UVB rays.  It’s also been tested in seven different conditions:

    1. Sun
    2. Pool water
    3. Ocean water
    4. Win
    5. Sweat
    6. Sand
    7. 100% heat

This was done to ensure sun protections so Banana Boat users can still trust in Banana Boat and know we are protected while doing what we love.  The Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion is Paraben, PABA, oybenzone and oil free.  There’s no harsh chemicals because it’s 100% natural and recommended by the skin cancer foundation.

If you are looking for a sunscreen that works well on gentle skin but that is powerful enough to protect form the sun, I recommend Banana Boat Sunscreen Natural Reflect Lotion!  This wonderful product gets an A+ from Simply Shawn & Jenn!  Thanks Banana Boat for making a sunscreen that works for my whole family, especially my special needs son!  This summer he is in and out of the pool more than ever!

I was provided this product for free from Banana Boat for the purpose of review.  However, the above information is 100% my own opinion based on my own experiences. I only review and post products and information I feel my readers will find value in.