Make Money Blogging with Blogvertise


Are you looking to make money blogging, at least enough to help pay for the expenses that come along with blogging?  Check out Blogvertise it may or may not be a program that can help your make money blogging.

To earn money with your blog with Blogvertise, first you need to sign up and register your blog.  Your blog must be approved before you can earn money blogging.   Once your blog is approved you will be assigned tasks to write about that you can either accept or decline.  If you choose to complete the task your entry must be completed within 5 days and the entry must remain on your blog permanently.

What types of tasks does Blogvertise assign? 

There is a wide variety of different tasks such as product, service, or website reviews, guest posting ads, banner ads and more.  Does it flow with your blogs niche?  Will your readers find value in the posts?  When you are assigned a task you make the choice to accept or decline the task.  If you visit their website you will find Blogvertise is in need of all different types of bloggers such as:

  • Mom Blogger
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Reviews
  • Travel
  • Home and Garden
  • Living

It truly doesn’t matter what kind of blog you have.  However it must meet their guidelines.

How are you paid?

Blogvertise will pay you 30 days after your blog entry is completed.  If you decide this is a venture you would like to try, make sure to have a PayPal account set up.

How much can you earn with Blogvertise?

In the beginning you will be paid from $4 – $25 per entry for the first 10 assigned and completed tasks.  Payout will vary and frequently based on blog traffic, popularity, how much the advertiser is will to pay, etc. The better quality blog you have the better you will be paid.

What do I think about Blogvertise?

Blogvertise can be a good way to help you earn money blogging, just be picky posting on your blog.  There’s a lot of tasks to choose from, they do pay and you pick what is posted on your blog.

Remember you want it to fit your blog niche and make sure you readers find value in what you’re posting.  Readers understand there’s money involved in blogging, but don’t run them off by posting anything and everything in your blog.