Sponsored Tweets | Earn Money With Your Tweets


Do you have a Twitter account?  Are you a blogger, looking to make money blogging?  Even if you are not a blogger you can sign up for Sponsored Tweets.  Tweeting is fun, easy and a great social networking tool.  Sponsored Tweets helps you earn money sending out tweets. You choose to accept or decline what you tweet, don’t worry nothing is sent out without your approval.

Sponsored Tweets can be an awesome way to tweet and earn some extra money.

How Does Sponsored Tweets Work?

Sign up and wait. Sponsored Tweets will send you an email whenever you have an offer for a tweet. Once you receive an offer go to your Sponsored Tweets account and complete the task, wait for it to be approved and earn money for sending your tweet out. Every time people click your tweet you earn money tweeting! It really is that simple, this is an easy way to earn a little extra money and you still have control of what goes out. If you don’t approve it, Sponsored Tweets doesn’t send it out.