Product Review | RedWeek Timeshare


With summer around the corner what trips do you have planned? Travelers visit to rent or buy timeshare units from owners. Timeshares can save your family money on hotels or resorts; it takes out the middle man. While on I learned that timeshare owners post their units for rent or sale to an audience of over 1.5 million registered users, without commission or middleman.

With summer right around the corner, it is something worth giving some thought, save some money with timeshare rentals. They have timeshares listed from all over the world from the United States to the Middle East. From you can find a timeshare for where you are planning on going, sell or rent your Timeshare, Exchange your Timeshare and add Timeshares you’re a wish list.

If you are a member of RedWeek, you will be able to buy or rent timeshares direct from the owners, it is FREE to view the resorts, availability and their discussion forums. If you would like a membership to RedWeek, you are able to get one for $14.99 a year that lets you contact owners about units, view resort reviews, along with their want ads.

With summer on its way, maybe timeshare will be an awesome way to take your family on a vacation and save up to 50% on your stay. One more things to keep in mind while we are on the spending money subject, Timeshares can often cost much less during the off season, so if you are looking to save money review all your options. I myself have never used to Timeshare, according to RedWeek they are more spacious which would be great for the family, many of the amenities such as waterpark features, children’s play areas, game rooms and more are included in the rental price. If you are looking to save money having a kitchen in your Timeshare could help you save money also.

I have never used a Timeshare myself, however after viewing RedWeek I think it is something worth checking into. I would honestly rather stay in a Timeshare of some kind rather than a hotel room, especially if there is money to be saved, more room, and more perks. There is 6 of us in my family so you can imagine how cramped a hotel room gets, so I am willing to give anything a shot to help my family save money and build memories.