Calla Lily

Colors:  While, Pink, Red, Green, Black/Deep
Meaning – Beauty, an awesome flower for wedding, funerals or other special events
Interesting Facts -Extremely Poisons, be careful around small children and pets
The calla lily has been around for centuries and can be a wonderful addition to any garden or room.  It is an amazing, unique in shape when in bloom, an extremely beautiful flower that is fairly easy to grow and care for.  It is a bulb flower and like most other bulb flowers they multiply making other bulbs.
The calla lily is one of the genuses that have an interesting history, the flowers name has actually been changed a few times.  It is a beautiful flower that can be found in gardens and homes all over the world.  It is a hardy flower that can be grown in just about any soil, as long as the soil is kept moist.  One must be careful not to allow the soil to be wet, this can cause the bulb to rot.
The calla lily is also a very popular cute flower because of it ability to survive for a long time when removed from the plan.  The calla lily is a very popular at weddings, funerals or other events.  The calla lily is a very beautiful flower that can be found in homes and gardens across the world for its beauty and uniqueness, and is a wonderful choice.