Create Your Own “I Can Dress Myself Drawer” for Your Toddler Boy with Zutano

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I will never forget how hard it was to watch my sons try to dress themselves.  When they were toddlers they were so independent and they wanted nothing to do with me.  In fact they refused help and when I would try to offer a suggestion it was the last thing that they would wear.  There were many times that I chose not to leave the house or run errands that I needed to in order to allow them to wear whatever it was that they had picked out for that day.

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I was lucky enough to have discovered Zutano by the time that my second son was a toddler.  Sadly I did not have this luck with my first son so he was mismatched a lot of the time when he was determined to pick out things on his own.  My second son never looked mismatched because he has his “I can dress myself  drawer” that was filled with mix and match pieces that paired perfectly from Zutano.  If you are trying to create your own “I can dress myself drawer.”

How to Create Your Own “I Can Dress Myself Drawer”

Step 1 — Pick The Right Drawer

You need to pick out a drawer that your toddler can easily reach.  He needs to be able to open this drawer on his own.  For us the bottom drawer has always worked best to house our “I Can Dress Myself” collection of Zutano clothing.

Step 2 — Get Started with the Tops

When picking out tops you need to make sure that they all have the same basic color scheme.  This is going to ensure that you get pants that are easily going to match all of the tops.

Here are my current favorites from Zutano:


Ride Your Bike Toddler Long Sleeve Screen Tee $22


Tailslide Toddler Long Sleeve Screen Tee $22


A to Z Toddler Short Sleeve Screen Tee $22


Navy & White Stripe Toddler Short Sleeve Shirt $22


Beep Toddler Polo Shirt $29

Step 3 — Pick Out Bottoms to Match

Depending on the season you can pick shorts or pants.  I am choosing pants now since it is fall and will soon be going into winter.  If it were spring or summer I would choose some shorts too.


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Pant $28


Navy Terry Toddler Pants $29


Tan Toddler Woven Pants $36


Navy Toddler Matchstick Jeans $36


Mandarin Terry Toddler Pants $29

Being able to mix and match these 10 pieces is going to give your little boy 25 outfits to choose from.  This means that he is not going to get bored with the clothes that he has to pick from.  Plus you can add additional pieces when Zutano brings out new lines.

Step 4 — Add Some Pieces for Layering

My son has always loved to layer.  I do not know if it is because he gets cold easily or if it has to do with him actually enjoying the idea of layering.  One of the things that I love about Zutano is that they offer a wide range of choices for layering as well.  Here are a few that you can add to his special drawer.  One great thing is that this addition will up his number of outfits to mix and match to over 100!


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Reversible Vest $33


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Wrap Hoodie $46.50


Navy and Apple Stripe Toddler Reversible Hoodie $48.50


Navy Cozy Toddler Contrast Hoodie $48


Navy Toddler French Terry Zipper Jacket $40

Step 5 — Step Back and Let Your Son Do It on His Own

With these 15 pieces it will be easy for your toddler aged son to get dressed on his own.  You can step back or even walk away and whatever he picks out is going to look great together.  Thanks to Zutano your job as a parent just got a little bit easier and isn’t that what we all really want?

Perfect Toddler Girl Finds from Zutano — So Easy to Mix and Match that She Can Dress Herself

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My toddler is growing up and is now going to preschool two half days each week.  At three years old she is very independent.  She wants to pick out her clothes and get dressed herself.  I am so thankful that I have been a Zutano supporter and fan for years.  This has lead to a nice little collection of Zutano clothing.  This clothing is all put away neatly in a bottom drawer that Adeline can reach.

zutano logo

Tops — For Those I  Can Do It Moments


Primrose L/S Toddler Flora Top $28


Violetta Toddler Cap Sleeve Screen Tee $20


Giardini Toddler Cap Sleeve Screen Tee $20


Hot Pink Multi Stripe Toddler Flora Top $26


Dessert Screen L/S Toddler Swing Tee $23

Bottoms — When You Want Their I Can Do It Moments to Match

The only trick to making sure that their bottoms and their tops match is to choose items that all compliment each other.  This is something that might be hard with other companies but with Zutano it is simple and they are never going to leave your house not matching again.


Hot Pink Toddler Matchstick Jeans $36


Orchid Toddler Skinny Leggings $19


Hot Pink Multi Stripe Toddler Skinny Leggings $21


Hot Pink Candy Stripe Toddler Skinny Leggings $21


Hot Pink Toddler Skinny Leggings $19

5 Pairs of Pants and 5 Shirts, Won’t Their Wardrobe Be Boring?

The great thing about these pieces from Zutano is that they all mix and match really well.  With these 10 pieces there are an incredible 25 looks that your toddler can put together herself.  This allows her to choose which pair of pants and which top she actually wants to wear each day.

Dresses for More Mix and Matching Fun


Primrose L/S Toddler Button Dress $32


Primrose L/S Toddler Pretty Pleats Dress $34


Violetta Toddler Tie Waste Dress $33


Giardini Toddler Tessa Tie Dress $29


Toddler Fairy Skirt $22

How Many Looks Can 5 Extra Pieces Create?

Well the answer to this is quite shocking when you are talking about these 5 pieces.  In fact these 4 dresses can add an additional 25 looks and the skirt alone can add 20 looks so you are up to 70 looks with just 15 pieces of clothing….but that is not all!  Thanks to adorable layering options you are going to see how to keep your toddler warm and how to increase the number of outfits that she can create really quickly.

Layering Options for Those Incredibly Cold Days

I love letting Adeline layer her clothing.  It is so much fun to see what she creates and to watch her get excited when she has a “match.”  That being said, there are a ton of options available for you to pick from with Zutano.  These layering pieces do not just look great with the Zutano clothes but they look awesome when paired with other items that your daughter already has.


Hot Pink Waffle Cozy Toddler Reversible Vest $33


Violetta Reversible Zip Hoodie $48.50


Hot Pink Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket $40


Orchid Cozie Toddler Contrast Hoodie $48


Hot Pink Multi Strip Toddler Ruffle Cardigan $29

To be honest there are now so many combinations that I am going to say that your daughter’s outfit choices will be endless.  I tried counting this but gave up when I hit 200 and was still going!  So you can really come up with a TON of creations.

Of course the best thing about Zutano clothing is the quality.  It is clothing that is going to last forever and it will keep looking new.  This makes it a great choice for hand me downs.  It is also easy for your child to mix and match the various pieces which means that you get a ton of different outfits and looks for not a lot of money.  Clothing that is a good value is something that most parents are looking for and with Zutano it is something that they can find.

10 Pieces, 55 Outfits for Newborn Baby Boys with Zutano

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When I was shopping for my little boys, I will admit that I struggled.  There just did not seem to be a great assortment of adorable baby boy clothes.  Once I found Zutano I felt surprised and shocked at just how cute the clothes were.  Another thing that I discovered was that I never needed to worry about my son having something cute to wear.  The clothes give you choices that you can easily mix and match to create a wide range of different looks.  Since babies grow out of their clothes so quickly it doesn’t make sense to buy a ton of different outfits.  However it isn’t much fun when you see your baby wearing the same thing all of the time.  Being able to pick out these great mix and match clothes will give you everything that you are looking for.

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Here is a look at some adorable pieces that when worn individually or together can really offer you some adorable outfits and allow you to stay within a set budget.  Plus you will love thee high quality, always soft materials, and never fading vibrant colors that the brand brings to you.

Preemie and Newborn Easy Mix and Match Pieces for Boys



Le Chien Newborn Short Sleeve Body Wrap $20


Beep Newborn Short Sleeve Body Wrap $20


Le Chien Newborn Kimono Top $22


Vroom Newborn Kmono Top $22


Beep Beep Newborn Kimono Top $22



Mandarin Newborn Pants $16.50


Periwinkle Newborn Pants $16.50


Navy & White Stripe Newborn Pants $19.50


Orange Candy Stripe Footed Pant $19.50


Periwinkle Candy Stripe Footed Pant $19.50

10 Pieces…So What’s the Big Deal?

The big deal with these awesome ten pieces is that you can do so much with them.  You can actually mix, match, and layer these pieces to  create an impressive 55 outfits.  This is really nice when it comes to newborn clothes since they grow out of them so quickly.  You will be able to change up their looking without investing a ton of money into the clothes.

One Piece Outfits

One piece outfits can really build your collection and offer you more options for your little ones.  I understand that they do not mix and match as well so they are not as big of a bang for your buck.  However there are some one piece outfits that you are going to need when you have a newborn.  This collection will give you a few more outfit options and will offer you the ease and comfort of one piece outfits.


Le Chien Newborn Henley Bodysuit $26


Vroom Newborn Henley Bodysuit $26


Beep Beep Newborn Henley Bodysuit $26


Le Chien Newborn Footie $29


Beep Beep Newborn Footie $29


Vroom Newborn Footie $29


Le Chien Newborn Receiving Gown $25


Vroom Newborn Receiving Gown $25


The following accessories can really change up your new baby’s outfits and offer you a ton of bang for your buck.  In fact, they can offer you a unique look with different pieces, more options with your looks and so much more.  It is a great way to increase the number of outfits and looks that you have by simply changing up the accessories.


Madarin Cozy Newborn Booties $21


Mandarin Cozy Newborn Hat $14.50


Vroom Baby Bib $11


Le Chien Baby Bib $11


Le Chien Newborn Hat $10.50


Beep Beep Newborn Hat $10.50


Vroom Newborn Hat $10.50


Vroom Newborn Booties $21


Le Chien Newborn Booties $21

Still Not Enough?

If that is still not enough for you, you can choose toys and blankets that match your baby’s clothing collection.  This will give you the perfect opportunity to go anywhere and everywhere with your little one always in style.


Vroom Baby Blanket $38


Road Trip Bed Time Buddy $14


Road Trip Plush Activity Toy $14

There are so many adorable options with Zutano that it really is a brand to fall in love with.  The amazing mix and match options make it easy for your little one to always be in style and to have a lot of different options from just a few items.

The Simple Way to Get 200+ Outfits Out of 25 Items for Your Newborn Baby Girl with Zutano

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Do you find yourself shopping on a budget?  Are you constantly trying to make the most of your purchases?  If so, then you have got to hurry over to Zutano to pick up amazing pieces that can be combined for countless outfits.  In the past I have posted a few reviews from the brand with these awesome combinations.

zutano logo

Today I am going to share with you my personal picks for a quick and easy newborn and preemie girl wardrobe that is not going to break the bank, but will offer so many combinations that she will never need to wear the same thing more than once.

Newborn and Preemie Girl Wardrobe Made Easy

First off, it is tough to find cute and high quality newborn and preemie clothes.  Second, you do not want to have to buy a ton because your baby is going to grow out of them so quickly.  One thing that is great about Zutano is all of the pieces that you can combine together to make adorable outfits.  The combinations are really endless.

My top picks for fall include the following:


z nb 1

# 1 — Happy Thoughts Newborn Long Sleeve Screen Body Wrap $22

z nb 2

#2 — Friendly Bird Newborn Kimono Top $22

z nb 3

#3 — Friendly Bird Newborn Short Sleeve Body Wrap $20


z nb 4

#4 — Aqua Newborn Pants $16.50

z nb 5

$5 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Pants $19.50

z nb 6

#6 — Hot Pink Candy Stripe Footed Pants $19.50

What Can You Do With 6 Pieces?

I am going to stop here and break down a few things that you can do with these 6 pieces.  You actually have quiet a few combinations that you can make thanks to layering with the kimono top.  So you can create 15 outfits out of these 6 pieces….pretty impressive huh?  The great thing about Zutano is that the fun does not stop here you can add more pieces to your newborn’s collection and get more outfits without having to take up a ton of space and without having to worry about having a ton of clothes that they do not wear.


z nb 7

#7 — Wide Awake Newborn Little Dress $29

z nb 8

#8 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Short Sleeve Dress $20

z nb 9

#9 — Friendly Bird Newborn Short Sleeve Dress $20

How Much Value Do These 3 Pieces Add?

So you are probably thinking 3 dresses, I can’t really do that much with three dresses, can I?  And my answer is that you are going to be shocked…with these three dresses you can add 32 more outfits to your total count.  That means that with just 9 pieces you are able to create 47 different outfits.

One Pieces

z nb 10

#10 — Friendly Bird Newborn Cap Sleeve Bodysuit $26

z nb 11

#11 — Friendly Bird Newborn Receiving Gown $25

z nb 12

#12 — Wide Awake Newborn Receiving Gown $25

z nb 13

#13 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Receiving Gown $25

z nb 15

#14 — Friendly Bird Newborn Footie $29

z nb 16

#15 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Footie $29

An Easy 6 Extra Outfits

I will admit that one piece outfits do not add a lot of bang for your buck.  That being said, every newborn is going to need a few of these essentials.  These 6 extra outfits when paired with all of the outfits above still make your total 15 pieces and 53 outfits which is still really impressive!!


One of the things that I really love about Zutano is that they offer you a full collection of fun accessories to match.  Now when you consider that you can mix and match these accessories with the 53 outfits above you can see how there could easily be over 200 unique looks with just these total of 22 items from the baby girl collection.

z nb 17

#16 — Hot Pink Cozy Newborn Booties $21

z nb 18

#17 — Hot Pink Cozy Newborn Hat $14.50

z nb 19

#18 — Friendly Bird Baby Bib $11

z nb 20

#19 — Wide Awake Baby Bib $11

z nb 21

#20 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Hat $10.50

z nb 22

#21 — Friendly Bird Newborn Hat $10.50

z nb 23

#22 — Wide Awake Newborn Hat $10.50

z nb 24

#23 — Wide Awake Newborn Booties $21

z nb 25

#24 — Hot Pink Multi Stripe Newborn Booties $21

z nb 26

#25 — Friendly Bird Newborn Booties $21

More to Match

Plus you can find blankets, toys, and more to match your new daughter’s wardrobe that will make it perfect for you to take her anywhere.  These are my five suggestions for you to check out!

z nb 27

Hot Pink Multi Stripe Swaddle Blanket $28

z nb 28

Wide Awake Baby Blanket $38

z nb 29

Zutano Just for Aden Owls Swaddle 4 Pack $39.95

z nb 30

Owl Plush $18

z nb 31

Owl Blankie $18

Zutano‘s bright colors and one stop shopping offers you a great way to invest in a few quality pieces that will build a great high quality wardrobe.  So many of us are frustrated when trying to find something for our babies to wear and it could all be avoided if we had just shopped Zutano.