My Yoga Goals and How Gaiam is Helping Me Get There

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

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You will learn as you follow me here that I am in the fight of my life to lose weight and get in the best shape possible. One of the things that you do not likely know yet is what my personal fitness goals are. I honestly do not have fitness goals per say. Yes, I would like to run a 5K, maybe a 10K and maybe a ½ marathon one day but I don’t have many fitness goals beyond looking better in a swimsuit.

However since I love yoga so much there are some yoga poses that I would love to be able to master. So I guess you could say that my biggest health and fitness goals are really my yoga goals.

I hope to be able to do the following five poses with ease one day:
The Crane Pose

crane pose

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The Firefly Pose

firefly pose

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Forearm Stand Scorpion Pose

forearm stand scorpion pose

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Lotus Headstand with Bound Legs

lotus headstand

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Eight Angle Pose

eight angle

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Now I know that these goals might sound easy to you and if they do I challenge you to Google them. Check these poses out and see if they are something that you can do. If you can then you are one of my yogi inspirations that I aim to be more like.
How I Plan to Get There

I plan to reach my yoga goals by working out and doing yoga on a regular basis. One amazing yoga company that I have been able to work with is Gaiam. The company has a number of great goodies for those who are trying to practice and learn yoga.

yoga 4

I was lucky enough to be sent the Thin Grip Mat ($35.99) and I love it! I have practiced yoga for many years and have never had a yoga mat. I did not realize what I was missing until I did yoga for the first time with this mat. I no longer struggled to keep standing in certain positions and I did not slip or slide when I was trying to move in between positions. In fact this mat has been one of the favorite things that I have ever gotten for my health and fitness goals.

yoga 2

In addition to the mat I received the Gaiam Sol Natural Cork Yoga Block ($16.99) which is a resourceful tool to help you with certain positions until you are strong enough to get there on your own. At first I will admit that I did not know if I would really use this or not. I also was not sure how often I would use it but I use this all of the time with my regular yoga workouts and can feel my body strengthening and needing to use it less and less each day.

DSCN1678 yoga 3

Finally I received two great yoga DVDs, Colleen Saidman’s Yoga for Weight Loss ($14.98) and Calorie Killer Yoga ($14.98). I have owned a ton of workout and exercise DVDs in my life and even a few other yoga DVDs but I have never liked exercise videos like I like these two.

I am able to see results, in the past few months I have lost and maintained an 11 lb weight loss. This is huge considering that I went on vacation during that time and ate out for basically a week straight. I know that I still am not eating as healthy as I should be but little by little as I feel better about myself I can see myself losing weight, eating less, and really doing the things that I should to better care for my body.

Learning How to Use Yoga to Cure Your Ailments and Illnesses

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

I have to admit that I am becoming OBSESSED with yoga. I find myself practicing and striking poses in the oddest places these days. Sometimes I even choose to stop what I am doing just to do a few poses so that I can refocus on the information at hand. I love the practice of yoga and was very interested in learning more when I saw the book, BKS Iyenger Yoga I was instantly intrigued.

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BKS Iyenger Yoga offers you the ability to look up the different ailments that you might have in your life. You can check out the different types of ailments and then find yoga poses that can help you to cure them naturally. This is a great way to use eastern medicine without having to leave your home. Plus if it does not work for you there are always the choices for you to choose to visit your doctor. I wanted to be able to tell you amazing things that I have noticed from checking out some of these poses on my own.

DK publishing 12

I will admit that I suffer from some severe digestive issues and that the poses and combinations of poses really seem to fix the problems that I am generally experiencing. I would not have believed that something that I have tried multiple medicines and therapies for could be solved simply with something that I already love.
In addition to the digestive issues that I have used yoga for I have began using yoga for everything that I find difficult in my life. Even if I only get a few poses in I figure that this is better than nothing. I try to pose my way through morning television shows or any television shows where I am not working and writing.

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I am focused mostly on the section for obesity as I am really trying to cure myself from this disease that I suffer from. Most people try to hide behind their obesity and do not call it what it is. It is a sickness and a disease just as much as anything else. By doing the yoga poses that are listed here I have been able to consistently keep in with my goal to lose weight and change who I am for the better.
I also find that yoga is a great past time for curing boredom. If I am bored I look up something in the book that I have been struggling with and start to strike some poses. This a healthier alternative to my old reliance on food and snacks when I was bored. Instead of doing something unhealthy I am choosing to do something healthy.

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Finally one additional great thing about this book is that there is a very thorough introduction that goes through all of the poses with detailed images and instructions. It tells you everything that you would ever need to know about the poses. Then you just flip to the back of the book and you can find your ailment where you will see the series of poses that are great for that ailment. Then you can flip back to the front of the book to the detailed descriptions to figure out if you are doing the poses right. The best thing is that the page numbers are listed right there making it easy for you to look up what you need to find.
I would highly recommend the BKS Iyenger Yoga book for anyone who is interested in finding out how they can be their best self. It is also good for those friends who want to avoid traditional medicine and doctors and are trying to live a more natural life.