Isabelle Grace Rolls Out Some Amazing Deals Just in Time for the Holidays…but You Can Win Here!!!

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Each week, Isabelle Grace Jewelry is rolling out some special deals that you are not going to want to miss.  I love each piece of their jewelry that I have reviewed in the past.  I was especially excited to be able to check out the Distressed Heart Necklace because I had only previously reviewed the bracelets from their line.

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One great thing to know about this necklace is that it is this week’s special deal.  This week as part of the jewelry company’s special JUST4ME promotion you can save 51% off of the adorable Distressed Heart Necklace.  This makes the necklace an affordable $32.  The regular price for this piece is $66.

isabelle grace distressed heart necklace 2

I really like this necklace and must admit that I have received compliments each time that I wore it.  People have even stopped me  to ask where I got it from.  I feel like every time that I am asked where I get a piece of jewelry from that I am telling people to shop with Isabelle Grace.  Their products are just so adorable and so much fun that you will want to be sure not to miss any of the JUST4ME weekly promotions.

isabelle grace distressed heart necklace

The following are some of the future products that you can purchase with Isabelle Grace Jewelry.

Nov 10-16 — 63% off of the Baguette Crystal Earrings

isabelle grace baguette crystal earrings 1st

These earrings are normally $88 but you can purchase them during this week for just $32.

Nov 17-23 — 71% off of Lux Leather Bangles or 70% off of the Lux Mini Bangle Set

isabelle grace lux leather bangles

You might remember that I reviewed the Lux Leather Bangles as part of my summer fashion favorites.  These are truly unique and adorable bracelets that get a lot of attention from admirers.  They are regularly $98 but during this promotion you can get them for a steal at just $28.

isabelle grace lux mini bangle set

The Lux Mini Bangle Set is regularly $78 and on sale for $23 during the promotion.  These are a great item to purchase for someone on your holiday list that you want to impress.

Nov 24-30 — 47% off of the Monogram Pendent or 50% off of the Side Initial Necklace

isabelle grace monogram pendent

The Monogram Pendent is normally $110 but you will be able to purchase it at the amazing price of $58 for one week only.  I know several who are on my Christmas list that would love to get this from us.

The Side Initial Necklace is a very unique twist on the initial necklace trend.  It is one necklace that you will love giving to that special someone who loves to have unique items that are unlike anything else.  This necklace normally retails for $58 but during the promotion you can pick one up for $29.

Dec 1-14 — Necklaces at Great Prices

During these two weeks you will be able to pick up some fun new pieces to add to your jewelry collection.  The Catrinka Necklace will be offered at a secret price from Dec 1-7 and then Dec 8-14 you can pick up the Avant Garde Crystal Necklace or the Gemstone Bar Necklace.  These are going to be offered at an unheard of $29 on sale from their regular  price of $120.

Dec 15-21 — 63% off of the Beatrice Crystal Drop Earrings or the Baguette Crystal Earrings

isabelle grace crystal drop earrings

Shopping for a little last minute bling will be easy when these two amazing pairs of earrings are offered at such a great price.  Bot pairs will be on sale for $32 instead of their regular price of $88.


Now for the fun part.  Do you LOVE the Isabelle Grace Distressed Heart Necklace that I reviewed?  Do you LOVE Isabelle Grace Jewelry?  Well then you can win the necklace here this week.  Check out the Rafflecopter link below!!!


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