Summer Wardrobe for Baby and Toddler Girls from Zutano

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Zutano Logo

If you have been following the blog, then you know that Zutano is one of those brands that I have fallen in love with. If you have just joined us, let me tell you a few of the things that I love about the Zutano line of clothing for babies and toddlers. One of my favorite things is that they always have such bright and fun colors. There are no boring pastels and baby clothes that look like every other line of baby clothes. These clothes are innovative, fresh and cute. When I was looking at putting together posts for boys and girls I did notice a few things though…with girls it is so much harder to not over shop! There are just more choices! I am including fifteen of my favorite must have items for baby and toddler girls that are available with Zutano.

Fifteen Pieces for a Perfect Baby Girl Summer Wardrobe


Raibow Candy Stripe Baby Ruffle Sunshine Top $25

zutano 12

Lions Lullaby Baby Short Sleeve Peasant Top $19.50

Summer Smile Baby Reversible Sunshine Top $28

Raindrops Baby Swing Screen Tee $19

One Pieces

Rainbow Candy Stripe Baby Ruffle Bubble $28

zutano 13

Ellas Elephants Baby Cap Sleeve Bodysuit $26


zutano 14

Ellas Elephants Baby Short Sleeve Surplice Dress $30

zutano 15

Lions Lullaby Baby Keyhole Collar Dress $30


Rainbow Candy Stripe Baby Skinny Leggings $19.50

Ellas Elephants Baby Harem Pants $22


zutano 16

Orchid Cozy Swing Jacket $26.50

Zutano 17

Ellas Elephants Reversible Baby Hoodie $44

Zutano 18

Hot Pink Terry Baby Bodice Jacket $36


zutano 19

Ellas Elephants Baby Sun Hat $19


zutano 20

Ellas Elephants Baby Booties $21

Fifteen Pieces for a Perfect Toddler Girl Summer Wardrobe


zutano 1

Ellas Elephants Toddler Flora Top $26

Rainbow Candy Stripe Toddler Cap Sleeve Tee $20

Zutano 2

Violetta Toddler Cap Sleeve Screen Tee $20

Zutano 3

Amazing Day Toddler Cap Sleeve Screen Tee $20

Flower Shower Toddler Flora Top $26


Flower Shower Toddler Sunny Day Dress $36

zutano 4

Fuchsia and White Stripe Toddler Tiered Sleeveless Dress $36

zutano 5

Elephantasia Toddler Ruffle Hem Dress $29.50

zutano 6

Ella’s Elephants Raglan Sleeve Dress $34


Fuchsia and White Stripe Toddler Dancing Skirt $29


zutano 7

Ellas Elephants Toddler Puff Pocket Shorts $26

Rainbow Candy Stripe Toddler Bike Shorts $18.50

zutano 8

Superstripe Toddler Skinny Leggings $19

zutano 9

Fuchsia Toddler Stretch Knit Legging $29


zutano 10

Violetta Reversible Toddler Hoodie $48.50

zutano 11

Fuchsia Terry Toddler Bodice Jacket $40

These items are favorites that I love and ones that I am sure that my daughter would love as well. I love being able to offer her high quality clothing that looks cute and allows her to enjoy the experience of dressing herself.




Create Your Own “I Can Dress Myself Drawer” for Your Toddler Boy with Zutano

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I will never forget how hard it was to watch my sons try to dress themselves.  When they were toddlers they were so independent and they wanted nothing to do with me.  In fact they refused help and when I would try to offer a suggestion it was the last thing that they would wear.  There were many times that I chose not to leave the house or run errands that I needed to in order to allow them to wear whatever it was that they had picked out for that day.

zutano logo

I was lucky enough to have discovered Zutano by the time that my second son was a toddler.  Sadly I did not have this luck with my first son so he was mismatched a lot of the time when he was determined to pick out things on his own.  My second son never looked mismatched because he has his “I can dress myself  drawer” that was filled with mix and match pieces that paired perfectly from Zutano.  If you are trying to create your own “I can dress myself drawer.”

How to Create Your Own “I Can Dress Myself Drawer”

Step 1 — Pick The Right Drawer

You need to pick out a drawer that your toddler can easily reach.  He needs to be able to open this drawer on his own.  For us the bottom drawer has always worked best to house our “I Can Dress Myself” collection of Zutano clothing.

Step 2 — Get Started with the Tops

When picking out tops you need to make sure that they all have the same basic color scheme.  This is going to ensure that you get pants that are easily going to match all of the tops.

Here are my current favorites from Zutano:


Ride Your Bike Toddler Long Sleeve Screen Tee $22


Tailslide Toddler Long Sleeve Screen Tee $22


A to Z Toddler Short Sleeve Screen Tee $22


Navy & White Stripe Toddler Short Sleeve Shirt $22


Beep Toddler Polo Shirt $29

Step 3 — Pick Out Bottoms to Match

Depending on the season you can pick shorts or pants.  I am choosing pants now since it is fall and will soon be going into winter.  If it were spring or summer I would choose some shorts too.


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Pant $28


Navy Terry Toddler Pants $29


Tan Toddler Woven Pants $36


Navy Toddler Matchstick Jeans $36


Mandarin Terry Toddler Pants $29

Being able to mix and match these 10 pieces is going to give your little boy 25 outfits to choose from.  This means that he is not going to get bored with the clothes that he has to pick from.  Plus you can add additional pieces when Zutano brings out new lines.

Step 4 — Add Some Pieces for Layering

My son has always loved to layer.  I do not know if it is because he gets cold easily or if it has to do with him actually enjoying the idea of layering.  One of the things that I love about Zutano is that they offer a wide range of choices for layering as well.  Here are a few that you can add to his special drawer.  One great thing is that this addition will up his number of outfits to mix and match to over 100!


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Reversible Vest $33


Charcoal Waffle Cozie Toddler Wrap Hoodie $46.50


Navy and Apple Stripe Toddler Reversible Hoodie $48.50


Navy Cozy Toddler Contrast Hoodie $48


Navy Toddler French Terry Zipper Jacket $40

Step 5 — Step Back and Let Your Son Do It on His Own

With these 15 pieces it will be easy for your toddler aged son to get dressed on his own.  You can step back or even walk away and whatever he picks out is going to look great together.  Thanks to Zutano your job as a parent just got a little bit easier and isn’t that what we all really want?

Tips to Have the Best Dressed Toddler — Jak & Peppar Fall 2014

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I will admit that I am a bit obsessed with adorable clothes for my kiddos.  Recently I discovered Jak & Peppar and I will admit that my husband probably wishes that I hadn’t.  I honestly see something new that one of my girls just has to have each time that I visit their website.

Their fall 2014 collection was one of the cutest things that I have seen in a long time and I am so excited to share all of my favorite with you.

I received four adorable items for Adeline for this review.  I did size up as she already has so much for this winter so that is why they are a little big in the pictures.  I got the Theory Bell Bottoms ($68), Juliet Peasant ($44-48), Disco Gypsy Tunic ($36), and the Fray For You Button Down ($48).

I thought that I would share my favorite tips for finding stylish toddler fashion that I love while I showed off these adorable outfits.

Tips for Finding Great Toddler Fashion

Find Functional Clothes

One thing that you have to keep in mind when you are dressing your toddler is that the clothes should be functional.  That is one of the things that I love about Jak & Peppar!  They have styles that are completely functional.  The quality of the Theory Bell Bottoms is not the same quality as other jeans that you can find for toddlers which means that they are more likely to hold up to Adeline playing and being a toddler in them.

Jak & Peppar Fall 3

*excuse the fact that Miss A was not too pleased that mommy didn’t have scissors handy to cut off the tags while we were photographing these!

Look for Pieces in Your Own Favorite Styles

One of the things that I personally love most about Jak & Peppar is that the clothes mimic the clothes that I wear.  This means that Adeline and I will compliment each other well next fall when we go out places.  I am not the type of mom that wants to match my girls but I love it when our outfits are well coordinated and we look great together.

Choose Items in Neutral Colors

Another one of the things that I really love is that Jak & Peppar offer a lot of clothes in neutral colors.  I personally love neutral colors for all of our photographs and for times when we are traveling.  I love how we can all coordinate and look great when someone snaps a shot of us together.  Neutral colors are one of the things that really seems to set Jak & Peppar apart from other clothing companies.

Jak & Peppar Fall 1

Choose Pieces That Mix and Match

All of the Jak & Peppar pieces that I received from the Fall 2014 collection really look great together and match.  I love that we can mix and match them and that I can pair them with other Jak & Peppar pieces that I have picked up along the way.  I know that Adeline will always be dressed in style even when she is picking out her own clothes if the pieces in her drawers already match.

Find Pieces That Are Comfortable

Finally when it comes to toddler fashion I think that it is very important that your toddler be comfortable.  I love that the materials that Jak & Peppar clothes are made out of are super soft and comfortable for my girls.  They love being able to move, jump and play in them so I know that they are going to be happy when we are wearing them in the future.

Not all toddler clothes are created equal and Jak & Peppar is quickly rising to the top of my list as one of my favorite brands.

Here are some of the other styles that I really love.

Farrah Peasant Blouse ($48-52)

farrah peasant blouse

Woodstock Maxi ($58)

woodstock maxi

Jak Original Destroyed Skinnies ($68)

jak destroyed skinnies

Ophelia Blouse ($48)

Ophelia Blouse


Adeline’s 14 Must Have Outfits for 2015

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I LOVE shopping for my kids.  Sometimes it has gotten me into a bit of trouble and left them with drawers that will not close and insane amounts of clothes that they just do not end up wearing. This year I am determined to do something different so I am shopping smarter and picking up 14 new outfits instead of shopping for tons.  I am still going to hit up the super clearance for a few extras here and there but for the most part we will just be buying a few pieces so that I can save money and not be such a mass consumer.  These are my favorite outfits for Miss Adeline and I think that you will LOVE them too.

Outfit 1 —

Kate Quinn Organics Lounge Dress Dog $36 and Kate Quinn Organics Legging French Clover $32

Final Adeline outfit 1

Outfit 2 —

Lucky Jeans Zoe Rip and Repair Jegging $46 and Lucky Jeans Lace Hem Popover $39

Final Adeline outfit 2

Outfit 3 —

Next Direct Floral Jeggings $16-17, Next Direct Pink/Blue Striped Car T-Shirt $11, and Next Direct Cardigan $16-17

final adeline outfit 3

Outfit 4 —

Appaman Pipe Pants $42 and Appaman Girls Moto Sweatshirt $44

final adeline outfit 4

Outfit 5 —

Kickee Pants Print Ruffle Leggings in Girl Farm Stripe $26.00 and Basic Long Sleeve Swing Dress in Bark $44

final adeline outfit 5

Outfit 6 —

NUI Organics MOA Pants $28, NUI Organics Honey Vest $62, and NUI Organics Weka Dress $44

final adeline outfit 6

Outfit 7 —

Hanna Andersson It’s A Playdress, It’s a Daydress $39, Hanna Andersson Opposite Stripe Losse Legging $22

final adeline outfit 7

Outfit 8 —

Gap Skinny Jeans $29.95 and Gap Embroidered Graphic Tee $18.95

final adeline outfit 8

Outfit 9 —

Tucker + Tate Sadie Coated Jegging $32 and Tucker + Tate Cotton and Cashmere Stripe Sweater $39.50

final adeline outfit 9

Outfit 10 —

Carters 5 Pocket Bird Stretch Twill Pants $28, Carters Rosette Hey Cutie Tee $16, and Carters Lace Cardigan $28

final adeline outfit 10

Outfit 11 —

Osh Kosh 5 Pocket Skinny Printed Twills $32, Osh Kosh Embellished Flutter Sleeve Top $22, and Osh Kosh Neon Hi-Low Cardi $38

final adeline outfit 11

Outfit 12 —

Tea Collection Ikat Daisies Keyhole Dress $35 and Skinny Solid Leggings $22.50

final adeline outfit 12

Outfit 13 —

Ruum Chiffon Back Tunic $19.50 and Super Soft Cord Pant $26.50

final adeline outfit 13

Outfit 14 —

Old Navy Printed Pull On Jeggings for Baby $19.95, My Little Pony Long Sleeve Tees for Baby $14.95 and Old Navy Chunky Knit Swing Cardigan for Baby $22.94

final adeline outfit 14

These are the items on my dream list for Miss Adeline.  Have something else that you love?  Please share in the comments as I would love to hear your fashion tips for a toddler girl!  Keep coming back over the next four days while I explore 14 new outfits for 2015 for each person in my family!