Tips to Have the Best Dressed Toddler — Jak & Peppar Fall 2014

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I will admit that I am a bit obsessed with adorable clothes for my kiddos.  Recently I discovered Jak & Peppar and I will admit that my husband probably wishes that I hadn’t.  I honestly see something new that one of my girls just has to have each time that I visit their website.

Their fall 2014 collection was one of the cutest things that I have seen in a long time and I am so excited to share all of my favorite with you.

I received four adorable items for Adeline for this review.  I did size up as she already has so much for this winter so that is why they are a little big in the pictures.  I got the Theory Bell Bottoms ($68), Juliet Peasant ($44-48), Disco Gypsy Tunic ($36), and the Fray For You Button Down ($48).

I thought that I would share my favorite tips for finding stylish toddler fashion that I love while I showed off these adorable outfits.

Tips for Finding Great Toddler Fashion

Find Functional Clothes

One thing that you have to keep in mind when you are dressing your toddler is that the clothes should be functional.  That is one of the things that I love about Jak & Peppar!  They have styles that are completely functional.  The quality of the Theory Bell Bottoms is not the same quality as other jeans that you can find for toddlers which means that they are more likely to hold up to Adeline playing and being a toddler in them.

Jak & Peppar Fall 3

*excuse the fact that Miss A was not too pleased that mommy didn’t have scissors handy to cut off the tags while we were photographing these!

Look for Pieces in Your Own Favorite Styles

One of the things that I personally love most about Jak & Peppar is that the clothes mimic the clothes that I wear.  This means that Adeline and I will compliment each other well next fall when we go out places.  I am not the type of mom that wants to match my girls but I love it when our outfits are well coordinated and we look great together.

Choose Items in Neutral Colors

Another one of the things that I really love is that Jak & Peppar offer a lot of clothes in neutral colors.  I personally love neutral colors for all of our photographs and for times when we are traveling.  I love how we can all coordinate and look great when someone snaps a shot of us together.  Neutral colors are one of the things that really seems to set Jak & Peppar apart from other clothing companies.

Jak & Peppar Fall 1

Choose Pieces That Mix and Match

All of the Jak & Peppar pieces that I received from the Fall 2014 collection really look great together and match.  I love that we can mix and match them and that I can pair them with other Jak & Peppar pieces that I have picked up along the way.  I know that Adeline will always be dressed in style even when she is picking out her own clothes if the pieces in her drawers already match.

Find Pieces That Are Comfortable

Finally when it comes to toddler fashion I think that it is very important that your toddler be comfortable.  I love that the materials that Jak & Peppar clothes are made out of are super soft and comfortable for my girls.  They love being able to move, jump and play in them so I know that they are going to be happy when we are wearing them in the future.

Not all toddler clothes are created equal and Jak & Peppar is quickly rising to the top of my list as one of my favorite brands.

Here are some of the other styles that I really love.

Farrah Peasant Blouse ($48-52)

farrah peasant blouse

Woodstock Maxi ($58)

woodstock maxi

Jak Original Destroyed Skinnies ($68)

jak destroyed skinnies

Ophelia Blouse ($48)

Ophelia Blouse


Gift Buying Guide Feature — Tumblewalla

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Tumblewalla logo

I will admit that I am kind of addicted to finding the best clothes for my little ones to wear.  When it comes to Adeline I LOVE finding new brands for toddlers and in being able to find her outfits that not everyone is wearing.  I am currently in love with Tumblewalla and I find that their clothes are more than just adorable.  They are a great quality too.

Tumblewalla 2

I have to admit that I was really excited to work with Tumblewalla.  I love the Pink Elephants Organic Pocket Dress ($32.00) that was sent to me.  This dress is adorable and the pockets make it a lot of fun for any little one.  I always find it hysterical to see the things that my three year old puts in her pockets and this dress is no different.

Tumblewalla 1

I also love the Violet Leggings ($16.00).  The details on these leggings are great and unique which makes them have a nice difference in style to all of the other leggings that we own.

Tumblewalla 12

My 5 Musts for Toddler Clothes

Tumblewalla 3

5.  The Clothes Must be Cute

I will admit that I am a bit crazy about making sure that my kids always look cute.  I know that I am a bit preoccupied with making sure that we have coordinating outfits, colors that do not clash, and making sure that pictures always look great.  Basically I want to be able to frame any cute candid shots that might happen when we are out and about enjoying life.  One thing that I always look for in toddler clothes is that they are cute and maybe a bit “grown up” from time to time but that my toddler really looks like a toddler.

Tumblewalla 13

4.  The Clothes Must be Functional

Tumblewalla 5

Another thing that I require when I am looking for clothes is that they be functional.  Toddler clothes need to be easy to move around and play in.  You do not want them easily torn or materials that could get stuck on things.  We loved our Tumblewalla clothes so much that I even had Adeline wear them on her birthday trip.  She was so excited to jump around in them because she loved them and I was so excited that they worked well for all of the adventures that we took on her special day.

Tumblewalla 6

3.  The Clothes Must be High Quality

I always look for clothes that are going to last.  I started this with the oldest two and there are always at least a few great hand-me-down outfits for the younger two.  I continued the trend with the younger two because high quality clothes just last longer.  I love that the Tumblewalla clothes continue to look brand new and since this has quickly become Adeline’s favorite outfit she wears it a lot more than she wears some!

Tumblewalla 8

2.  The Clothes Must be Comfortable

It is also important to me that Adeline be comfortable when she is playing.  I see so many little ones running around playing that are pulling at their pants to keep them up or that are constantly messing with their clothes.  This just does not seem comfortable to me so I am really focused on making sure that Adeline is wearing clothes that are comfortable for her to wear.  I love knowing that she can run and play without having problems!

Tumblewalla 4

1.  The Toddler Must Like It

Tumblewalla 9

The most important thing to me with clothes for Adeline is that she must like them.  She LOVES the elephants on the Tumblewalla dress and tells me each morning when she wakes up that she wants to wear it.  She is obsessed with it and shows everyone the pockets when we are out too.  Tumblewalla clothes get a big A+ from Adeline and since she loves wearing them it makes it a lot easier for me as a mom to get her ready in the morning.

Tumblewalla 11

Right now if you order before December 17th you can get free holiday shipping and 30% off with the code HOLIDAY which means that you really have no excuses to not give one of your favorite little ones the gift of Tumblewalla this holiday season.