Tips to Teach Your Toddler Their ABCs

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I love teaching Adeline new things.  I have so much fun working on things with her and enjoy every minute that I am able to share with her.  I feel blessed to be able to be home with her and to share in so many amazing moments of her little life.

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Last year I was lucky enough to review the ALEX Toys My ABC Book ($21.99) and I have to share with you a few tips that I have for using this great book to help your toddler learn to recognize their letters.

Tips to Teach Your Toddler Their ABCs

Start Slow

One of the hardest things as a parent is to slow down enough for your child to be able to learn things.  This is because you are probably excited to teach your child and work with them which means that sometimes you move too quickly for them to learn something.  We are going through My ABC Book and doing one letter at a time. When we are finished with the whole book we are going back through with all of the stickers.  Finally we are going through a third time with the letter stickers.  Adeline is starting to recognize some of the letters already so I am sure that she will be doing great by the time that we are finished.


Make Learning Fun

Your toddler is going to learn more when they are having a good time.  I love being able to color with Adeline and then talking about each little section on the page as we are working on her book.  She loves that we are able to bond together too and loves spending a few minutes of special time alone with mom focused on her letters.

Repetition is Key

Each day as we go through her book we talk about the letters that we did the days before.  Adeline is loving being able to talk about the different letters.  We talk about letters when we see them in other places as well.


Praise Your Child’s Accomplishments

When Adeline gets a letter right, I cheer and make a huge deal out of it so that I can praise her accomplishment of knowing a letter.  I am sure that this is only something that I am going to do more in the future as she starts to recognize and understand more letters.

Let Older Children Help

Adeline seems to learn best from her big brothers and big sister.  So I have been getting them involved in helping her to learn her alphabet.  They have even been caught a few times playing games with her that they created to help teacher her the different letters in the alphabet.


Go at Your Child’s Pace

Each of my children have learned at different paces.  One of the things that is most fun with Adeline is discovering at what pace she is learning.  I love getting to understand her and her personality better.

Help Child Show Others

Adeline also loves to share with her dad and her siblings the things that she has been working on and learning about with mom.  So I make sure that I am ready to share those things with them and help Adeline show them what she has been working on.

Teaching your toddler their alphabet does not have to be a struggle.  Instead it can really be a great time to have fun and enjoy learning with them.


Holiday Gift Buying Guide Feature — Products Every Baby Needs from Boogin’ Head

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Buying gifts for babies just got a whole lot easier.  What was once a difficult task has now become something that you can do with ease.

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Two of moms most difficult challenges with their little ones are being solved with two new and innovative products from BooginHead.  The PaciGrip, SippiGrip, and SplatMat are all products that every mom of a little one is going to appreciate.

Boogin head 1

The PaciGrip will help to make sure that your little one never loses a pacifier again.  As a mom of a child who had a paci for a long time I can assure you that this would have been a product that I loved and would not have been able to live without.  The SippiGrip is perfect for toddlers and babies alike.  You can use this great product to help your little one from dropping or throwing their cup or bottle.  It really makes trying to go places with your little one just a little bit easier.  The SplatMat is one that your child is not going to outgrow soon.  It is a great little travel mat that you can use when you are sitting on the ground or just out and about.  I find that we even pick up the SplatMat to use when we are going places without the kids.

Boogin head 3

Since both of these products are great for traveling I thought that I would share some tips for stress free outings with baby!

Tips to Have Stress Free Outings with Your Baby

Boogin head 2

1.  The first thing that you have to do if you want to avoid stress when you are out with your baby is to make sure that you are not always searching for their favorite paci.  I will never forget the struggle of having to dig through my purse or diaper bag to find a spare paci when my son had dropped one or lost one when we were out.  Then there was the horror that I felt when I could not locate one.  It was really awful.  I wish that the great PaciGrip had been around when he was younger.  This product is great for little ones and moms alike.  I am sure that not having to worry about losing your little ones paci is going to be great!

Boogin head 4

2.  The second thing that you have to do if you want to avoid stress with your baby on outings is make sure that you can easily access their bottle or cup.  I know that this was something else that was very stressful for me as a mom.  My kids were always throwing their bottles or cups when we were in the car, on a walk, or just out and about.  This meant that I was left struggling to find what they had dropped or trying to reach for it at times.  I know that with the SippiGrip this would have been so handy because they would not have been throwing their things around.  I do use the SippiGrip with my youngest.  She is just getting ready to turn three and the SippiGrip has been perfect when we are walking with her stroller or driving in the car.  If she can’t reach her cup she can actually hold onto the strap and pull it up to herself which makes it so much easier when we are traveling or on the road.

Boogin head 5

3.  Knowing that you have a safe and clean place for your little one to sit is going to end additional stress.  I love for the SplatMat for this reason.  I am the type of mom who is overall pretty relaxed but I hate it when I know that my child is going to be sitting somewhere where I’d rather them be protected.  The SplatMat allows me to do just that.  We have a ton of playmats and picnic blankets and each of these is good for their own reason but the SplatMat is truly the only one that is small enough to have with me all of the time.  I keep the SplatMat in my purse and am always able to use it, even when the kids are not with me and I just need a clean place to take a break.

Boogin head 6

Finding great holiday gifts for babies used to be hard.  When you shop with Boogin’ Head you will find that they offer you everything that you need for a great baby gift this holiday season.

Holiday Gift Guide Feature — ALEX Toys Has Everything You Need for Toddler Fun

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I will admit that some of the hardest people to shop for in my life are toddlers.  This might sound odd but I really like for the kiddos that I buy gifts for to enjoy them.  I am always happy to check out the different types of toys that ALEX Toys offers and I love that they have so many great gifts for toddlers.

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I have found that there are some great things that you can consider when you are looking for the perfect gifts for the toddlers in your life.

Choose Items for That Inspire Creativity

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All little kids, even toddlers, love being able to create and make new things.  One of the best products that I have seen in a long time is the Tots Art Start ($16.95) has everything you need to be able to spend some time teaching your toddler how to create wonderful works of art.  The kit peel and stick collage boards which are an awesome way for your toddler to learn how they can make their own collages.  It also includes first crayons for your toddler to be able to check out and draw with.  There are a ton of stickers which all toddlers love being able to peel and play with.  I am excited to play with Adeline because doing stickers is one of her favorites.  In fact this morning she woke up and did some stickers while I was getting ready and I got to peel stickers out of her hair…fun times right there!!  The set also includes fringe, tissue paper, crinkly paper, and doilies that you can use to have a good time and create new things that you might not have seen before.  It is going to be a blast getting to create with Adeline with this set and it is one of the Christmas presents that I am most excited to check out with her.

Pick Up Some Great Art Supplies

toddler alex 2

The Tots First Crayons ($2.95) can be picked up for just a penny right now if you purchase the Tots Art Start set that was mentioned above.  You will find that these crayons are shaped for your toddler to be able to hold onto easier.  For Adeline they are fun shapes that she will enjoy coloring with even more than she enjoys coloring right now….and I don’t have to worry about her snapping these crayons like she did other ones!

Help Them Stay Clean

toddler alex 3

Toddlers don’t intend to make a big mess when they are doing things.  The problem is that they are not coordinated enough to stay clean.  Adeline LOVES to paint but it is always messy when she does.  The Finger Paint Paper and Tray ($21.95) will help you to keep things clean and neat while your little one is painting.  While this might not be the most exciting gift for Adeline it is certainly one that mommy is excited about and it means that she is going to get to paint more often than she currently does.

Choose Something Musical

toddler alex

The other thing that toddlers love is banging on things to make noise.  The Musical Owl ($35.95) is a great toy for toddlers.  I know that Adeline is going to be excited when she sees this one under the tree.

Checking out toys for toddlers has just gotten a whole lot easier.  You are going to find that it is a great thing to be able to shop for all of the toddlers in your life with ALEX Toys.



Who Loves Her WeeSqueak Shoes? & Guess What?!? You Can Win a Pair Too!

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There have been few things that I have seen as a mom as cute as when Adeline put on her Wee Squeak Shoes for the first time.  She had not previously owned squeaky shoes before and I could not believe how much joy and excitement she gained from them.

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She danced and jumped around in her new “squeaky shoes” for a very long time.  Now she asks to wear them each day because she thinks that they are the best shoes ever.

As a mom there are many things that I love about these adorable shoes!

**Perfect for Fall and Winter

Wee Squeak 1

I love the boot design of the Wee Squeak Zoey Boot in Mustard ($39.99).  These boots look so cute with so many of her fall and winter outfits.  I love that they offered the mustard color since mustard was hot this year.  That made them perfect for so many of her outfits because I bought a lot in those colors as I had fallen in love with them.


Wee Squeak 2

I also love the price point of the shoes from Wee Squeak.  Shoes are between $35.99 & $39.99 for the most part.  However there are some pairs that are priced at just $19.99 right now on the website.  This makes them a pair of shoes that could easily fit in almost everyone’s budget.


Wee Squeak 3

The quality of the Wee Squeak shoes is outstanding.  In the past my older children had owned some squeaky shoes but I had not been happy with the quality.  They tended to look really beat up quickly and did not seem to hold up to much wear.  Since I was disappointed I had not purchased any for Adeline.  I would definitely recommend the Wee Squeak line to everyone and would be happy to purchase her shoes from there in the future.

**No More, Where Did Adeline Go? Games

Wee Squeak 4

No matter where we are when Adeline has her Wee Squeak Shoes on she is ready for me to find her.  In fact, it is very easy for me to find her no matter where we are out shopping or even playing at the park.  You always hear her squeaking her way around places.  I do want to make a quick note here that squeaky shoes should not be worn in sand as sand can clog the squeaker and cause them not to squeak.

Finding fun toddler shoes that Adeline loves to wear is not always easy.  She is not particularly fond of wearing shoes.  However since we have received her new Wee Squeak Shoes there has not been a problem at all.

So now you have a chance to win your own $50 gift card to Wee Squeak.  You will love shopping on this website and your little one is sure to love his or her new squeaky shoes!  The best part is that you will be able to make it through winter without your little one fighting you to put shoes on their feet.


Click here to check out the Rafflecopter and win BIG!!!!  It could be YOU!!  This contest is open to residents of the US and Canada.


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Holiday Gift Guide Feature — Hip Mama Wrap

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So I have to admit that I am still just a tad bit obsessed with babywearing.  Adeline is almost three and I still wear her on a regular basis.  Huxley and Althea are 5 and 6 and sometimes I even find myself wearing one of them.  They are all small for their age so it is not hard to wear any of them.  One of the things that I think every pregnant woman or new mom needs this holiday season is a great wrap so that they wear their baby.

hip baby wrap

I love so many things about babywearing but what is most important to me is how it can help you to bond with your child.  Hip Baby Wrap offers beautiful woven wraps with a fringed end.  I love this wrap so much!  It is just gorgeous in person!!

hip baby wrap 1

Benefits of Babywearing —

Babies Will Cry Less

Babies that are worn tend to cry a lot less than babies that are not worn.  This is because a baby that is being worn gets to experience more comfort from his or her mom than a baby who is not being worn.

Babies Will Learn More

In scientific studies of babies who are worn vs babies who are not worn, the ones who are worn are able to learn more.  They learn at a quicker rate too!

Babies Will be More Organized

One of the suggestions is that babies should be in a sling or wrap for the first 9 months of life.  This is because that is a special time of bonding and development for your baby.  If a baby is worn during this time then they are going to have better organization skills as they get older.

Babies Humanize the World Earlier

It is thought that the reason that babies learn more when they are worn is because they humanize the world faster.  They see what the mom and dad see which makes them more alert and aware of what is going on around them.

Babies are Smarter

Babies who are worn are smarter than babies who are not worn.  They do better in school and really have a better grasp on many different things in life.

hip baby wrap 2

So when you are trying to determine what the best gift is going to be for a new parent or for a pregnant friend, why not check out a Hip Baby Wrap as they are bound to offer them a great way to be able to bond and encourage their baby to grow.

I borrowed the action shot from the website since I just got this one in the mail today.  We are pretty busy around here and the little miss does not want to be worn right now but I really wanted to get the post up!

5 Tips for Potty Training with Prince Lionheart

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Potty training is one of the hardest things that you must do with your toddler. It can be so hard because your toddler can be resistant to the process. Plus it is hard because you do not have have control.

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The thing is that if you are worried about your potty training success then you can relax when you try these simple and effective tips.

prince lionheart potty

Tip # 1 – Help Your Child Get Ready
One of the things that I have found to be completely successful is when you get your child their own potty chair. As a mom of four I understand using items from children before but I have found that a new potty chair is more motivation for a child who is potty training. The Prince Lionheart 3 in 1 Potty ($35.00) was a great surprise for Althea.

prince lionheart potty 4

Tip # 2 – Find A Potty Chair that is Functional
Since I have owned multiple potty chairs, I can speak from experience that not all potty chairs are created the same. They do not all work and some are easily outgrown. One of the things that I love about the Prince Lionheart 3 in 1 Potty Chair is that it is three different functional items in one. It can be a potty chair and then when your child is ready for the toilet it can be used as a seat. Plus the base can be flipped over and used as a stool. I love that this is one item that we will use for a long time and that we are not just going to add to our sale pile quickly after use.

prince lionheart potty 2

Tip # 3 – Stay Calm
Staying calm is the best way for you to be able to potty train your little one. If you are not calm when you are potty training then you are not going to have as much success with your little one. I have really had to work hard on this and learn that your child is going to potty train in his or her own time. I have four children and each one of them potty trained at a different time in their life. One was not two yet and one was three and a half. So there can really be a huge range in when your child is ready or not.

prince lionheart potty 3

Tip # 4 – Reward Your Child with Your Praises
When your child is potty training positive reinforcement is very important. You should reward them by praising them for what they are doing right. You should also offer up a sticker chart or a small treat each time that they use the potty. This is going to help you to have a lot of success with them.
Tip # 5 – Use Your Child’s Timeline
Do not try to make your own timeline for your child when you are potty training. Remember that each child is going to have their own perfect time and that they will potty train with ease when you choose to use that timeline. If you try to push before hand it can last a lot longer.
So when it comes to potty training you are going to have to be able to relax and enjoy these memories with your child. These tips can help make this possible for you.

Mommy MD Guides Help You Through All of Your Tough Moments

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Mommy MD Guides are a great collection of books written by women that you can trust. I say this because we all know that we trust other moms more than we trust anyone who has not had a child. Each of the women who has written in these books is a mom herself. Secondly these women are doctors and they are able to give you great advice about medical issues which can really help.

Mommy MD Guides Logo

When I was given the opportunity to work with Mommy MD Guides I was excited to be able to check out two of their books. The Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great and the Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years are both books that are important.

Mommy MD weight loss 4

Mommy MD Guide to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

Mommy MD weight loss 3

Of course since I am on my own personal weight loss journey I was obsessed with being able to check out books on weight loss and this one initially caught my eye. The book is a great read for anyone who is looking to lose weight. I love many of the features but one of my favorites are the highlighted areas where you can find “When to Call Your Doctor.” These sections tell you what information is important to talk to your MD about. This is a great thing if you are unaware of certain things. I learned several things that I should have mentioned because they could have indicated medical issues that were causing me to struggle with my own weight loss.

Mommy MD weight loss 2

I had two favorite parts of the book when I was reading. One of these was that you should celebrate meeting your goals. I think that it is important for you to celebrate meeting goals that you make for yourself. In the past one of my biggest problems is that I was trying to celebrate with food. Let’s face it if I was rewarding myself with bad for me food then what good was the dieting in the first place. As I change my mentality I am checking out workout gear or clothes that I want and rewarding myself with these things instead. I think that the biggest thing for me to be successful in my weight loss is to truly start thinking in a new way. I have to change who I am to become who I want to be.

Mommy MD weight loss 1

Another thing about the book that I really enjoyed was the medical information about things. I LOVED the section on things that could help you to have more energy and feel more energized. This was a lot of great information that really was easy for me to understand and I really learned something new. I learned a lot of information about why certain things work to energize you which was very helpful.

Mommy MD Toddler 4

Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years

Mommy MD toddler 3

If you have a toddler you know how frustrating the toddler years can be. I love that the Mommy MD Guide to the Toddler Years tackles many of the difficult challenges that you face when you have a toddler.  One of the sections of the book that I found most helpful was the listing of foods that you should always buy organic because of pesticides. This list definitely made it very clear as to which of the foods were the worst for your toddlers and even yourself to consume. These foods included the following: potatoes, blueberries, and strawberries which my family eats all of the time. As soon as things settle down financially I am going to take the list to the store with me and only purchase organic versions of these foods. There were also foods that are lower in pesticides that are healthier for you to eat. These foods were ones that are safer for you to choose to purchase regular and not organic. They included the following: avocados, mushrooms, kiwis, and watermelon.

Mommy MD toddler 2

Another section of the book that I personally found particularly interesting was the one that was about learning how to time potty training. I feel like such a mom failure in this area. I rushed a couple of mine only to have them regress completely and train later, waited for a few to do it on their own and there was a year and a half difference in when they were fully trained, and am still struggling with number four. I just do not know what to do to make the process easier and something that I am going to be able to do. This section is completely filled with a number of different tips that can help you.

Mommy MD toddler 1

Finally I loved the sections that talked about different tips that you can teach your child. There are may things that you can begin to teach your toddler. If you try to push learning too hard you could have a child that has no interest in school or learning the things that they should know. If you do not try at all you are not doing your job as a parent to teach them what they need to learn. However when you find that balance and place in the middle you can teach your children some valuable life lessons that will help them to learn the most possible. The tips included in this guide really can help you with your goals.
The Basics
All in all I would say that Mommy MD Guides are a great resource for new and seasoned parents alike. Just because someone is having their fourth child or even more does not mean that they know everything for every child. Each child is different and these guides offer practical and useful tips that can help you to meet your personal goals as a parent and with things that you have to handle while being a mom.

Tips to Find the Perfect Baby and Toddler Chair

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I will admit that we are a bit obsessed with comfortable seating in our house. We have had little couches and chairs for all of our kids. The thing is that some of these have been big hits but others have seemed to miss the mark and the kids never end up sitting in them.

baby beanbags logo

One of the best chairs that we have ever tried has been the Baby Bean Bag. My toddler, Adeline, loves this chair to no end. Even my four and five year olds seem to want to join in on the bean bag love and try to sit in the chair anytime that Miss Adeline is not around.

baby beanbags 1

So since I have owned so many chairs I thought that I would share some tips that I have learned along the way.

Tip 1 – Find a Chair that is Comfortable
We have beautiful rocking chairs for our little ones. I envision these chairs being something that they will have when their own children are born. My mother in law purchased each one of our children these in their first year of life, for first birthdays or Christmases. However the thing that I find with these is that the kids do not like to sit in them. When I think about it I do not really blame them because I could not pick a wooden rocking chair over my comfortable couch so why would they? One of the things that we love most about the Baby Bean Bag is that the kids actually sit in it because it is comfortable for them. I remember my love for my bean bag chair when I was younger and completely understand why this is the case.

Tip 2 – Find a Chair that is Fun
What kid wants to sit in a boring brown chair? I will answer this for you, none. Finding a chair that has a cute pattern or bright colors is a must when shopping for children’s furniture. One of the things that I think that my girls really like about the Baby Bean Bag chair is the bright pink pattern that they see on it. It is pretty and fun to look at which makes it more fun for them to sit at.

Tip 3 – Find a Chair that is Going to Last
I hate when my kids get children’s furniture that you can not wash. Kids are messy. They are likely to spill food and drinks on their furniture. I love that the Baby Bean Bag comes with a toddler cover. This is purely an accessory and something that they did not have to include with the chair. However without this the cover to the entire chair could be ruined with spills. Instead you can just zip the cover off and throw it in the wash without having to figure out how you are going to clean the entire chair.

Tip 4 – Find a Chair that Offers More
When you get a Baby Bean Bag for your infant you are choosing a chair that will easily transition to a great toddler bean bag when they are no longer in need of an infant seat. These types of products are perfect for parents with little ones of different ages or for parents that do not have a ton of extra room to put additional seating or large baby items in.

These three tips will really help you to find a chair that is going to accommodate your little one. Choosing a Baby Bean Bag is a great idea because it is sure to be a chair that you and your little one will love for years to come.



Get My Kid To Stop Saying “NO

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 How I Got My Toddler To Stop Telling Me NO!                                              
 So we had my daughter Birthday party yesterday, I cannot believe it
she is 2 years old.  Where does time go, how did she go from being so cute
and sweet to 2 going on 16?  I am not sure when it happened I am pretty
sure I just woke up one morning and my sweet baby girl had developed
this terrible two syndrome we all speak of.   She went
from saying thank you momma and I love you momma, “NO”.  WTF,
where do kids learn this mine business anyway and how do we get them to stop?
Hearing your toddler
tell you ‘no”, sure can make someone wish they had not told them no on a
thousand or more occasions.  So how do we get passed your child
telling you “no”, maybe it will pass time, is this just a thing all
parents deal with?  Children do not need to be told “no”
thousands of time, there are different ways to learn to communicate your boundaries with
your children.  
than saying “no” give a positive response, but allow your child
to know that there is a boundaries, rules and reasons for
your response.  An example, you child wants to play in the water but
you need them to pick up their toys first.  Rather than saying
“no”, you have to come pick up your toys, tell them “Yes, you
sure can after you come pick up your toys”.  This allows them to see
the positive, they can go outside to play after they take care of
their response.
to your children, we often think our children should follow the rules and that
is that, after all we are their parents, have their best interests at
heart and know what is best for them.  If they are making a mess in the
bathtub, rather than telling them no, let them know that you do not like them
making a mess like that it can tear up the floors if the water sits too long.
 You may have to explain why, the water can mess up the floors but it is
often better than hearing “no”, and you know that your child is
learning.  If your child is doing something wrong talk to them and let
them know what they are doing and why it is bothering you or someone else.
and options are something that will give your child a feeling of control, we
all want to have control of the situation why not your 2 year old.  I do
not think anyone enjoys being told what to do, we would much rather be give a
choices and options on how to approach the situation.  
of voice is top priority on my list, with the right tone in
your voice you can get any point across without yelling or
saying “no”.  Tone of voice can let your child know you are not
pleased with the situation.  Simply explain, why she cannot wear the Barbie,
without saying “no”.  Tell her, “this is your sisters Barbie
and we do not get into things that are not ours without asking”.  You
may still have a toddler that is unhappy and throws a fit, however they
understand more than if you would have told them “no”
other day Mattie grabbed her sisters Barbie.  I
want Mattie to learn to ask before she grabs something that does not belong to
her.  Rather than saying “no”, I told her this, “this is
your sisters Barbie and we cannot take things that do not belong to us with out
asking”.  Then THE FIT, yes the crying about taking the Barbie, BlahBlahBlah.
 I told her, “sweetheart, you cannot play with the Barbie now but
when sister gets home you can ask her if you can play with her Barbie”.
 The fit stopped, I almost did not know how to handle the situation,
yea OK in the back of my head I was saying a little cheer, GO MOMMA,
its your birthday, no really but go anyway (you should hear me sing).  
is our job as parents to guide our children through life and explain
to them why or why not things are the way that they are.  I did not realized how much I was telling my daughter “no” until she started
telling me “no”, about everything.  I really was clueless so I
did my research came up with a plan and GO MOMMA, it is working and I feel
better about the way I am talking to her.  She asks more questions and
seems to have a better understanding of how things work, it took a little bit
but I am seeing less fits when I tell her why she cannot do something.  We
still have them do not get me wrong, but nothing like we used to when I told
her no and took something away from her.