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I have been reading the Dark Monk and The Hangman’s Daughter.  Written by Oliver Potzch, who was born in 1070 and worked as a script-writing for Bavarian television.  Oliver does a phenomenal job making you want more!  He is a very talented writing, and I enjoyed reading this books.

The Dark Monk is a fabulous books.  The Dark Monk is set in a village in Bavarian Alps.  Following a tale of riddles, Jakob is my favorite character also with his daughter Magdalena.  This book is one that will keep you grabbing the edge of your seat, waiting for more.  I seriously could not wait to turn the page, I couldn’t read fast enough.  My oldest daughter and I agreed over who’s turn it was to read it on the Kindle Fire, of course Mom win’s but it’s very rare that we argue over the same book.

I am now working on reading another amazing book written by Oliver Potzch called, The Hangman’s Daughter.  I am almost to the end of the book, it took everything in me to set the book down long enough to write this review.

The Hangman’s Daughter is a story of a dying boy who is pulled out of the river.  He has a mark of crudely tattooed on his shoulder.  In this book Jakob Kuisl is asked to check out if there is witchcraft in play.  I can hardly wait to finish this book, only a few pages left!  I can tell you it’s amazing and an awesome read.  If you like fast-paced historical thrillers, this is an amazing choice!

I have very much enjoyed reading both of these wonderful books.

For those of you who love a good thriller make sure to check out The Dark Monk and The Hangman’s Daughter, you can get your copy at Amazon.


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