Make Things Smell Good with Fresh Wave

Simply Shawn N Jenn Disclosure

Well I will admit that I am sensitive to odors.  I find myself freaking out all of the time because I smell something unpleasant.  So I am always on the look out for products that are going to help my house and my family to smell our best.  I love that I recently found the Fresh Wave line of products that really do help to make everything in my life smell a bit fresher.

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**Our Living Room

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Our living room is where we spend nearly all of our time.  My kids are constantly spilling things on the carpet and for the longest time I thought that there was always a bit of a funky smell going on in there.  Put this together with a kid that has severe allergies and one that can not handle me burning candles and you will quickly understand how much Fresh Wave has been appreciated in our home.  Their natural products do nothing to his allergies and are great for us to be able to get that clean fresh smell that I desire.

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Since our living room is the only carpeted room in the house I use the Carpet Shake ($14) and the Vacuum Pearls ($12) both in our living room on a regular basis.  They are both perfect for helping to make this room smell fresher.  I honestly can not decide which one I like better and I use them both on a regular basis.

**My Son’s Stinky Shoes

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I have one son who has the stinkiest feet ever.   I have purchased so many foot powders and sprays over the years only to be left disappointed.  The Sport Spray ($5.99) is a great choice for anyone who has a sticky foot problem.  This spray can be sprayed into shoes and actually helps to eliminate the odors that one has when they have stinky shoes and feet.  It is a perfect solution to making stinky feet eliminated.

**Baby Areas

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While I do not really have baby areas any longer I love for the kids’ room to smell nice and with Huxley’s allergies it can be a challenge to find something that is not going to make them sick.  I love the Baby Spray ($5.99) as it not only helps to neutralize odors but it does not bother his allergies at all!  This is HUGE because even with natural products I have seen a lot of issues in the past.

**Our Car

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The other place that I feel like is always collecting some not-so-pleasant smells in our car.  It’s probably because most of the time our car looks like we live in it but the fact remains that it can get a nice funk going on in there and I hate it when it does.  There is a great Auto Spray ($4.99) that really helps to make the car smell better.  I have been using it on our carseats and throughout our car lately and it has really seemed to improve the quality of air that I get to breathe.

**Other Rooms

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For the other rooms in our home I received the Crystal Gel ($8.99-14.99) and the Home Spray ($9.99).  These both seem to help areas to smell better and I love that they are safe and easy to use throughout our house.

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**For Your Favorite Furry Friend

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Pets can often leave lingering odors.  While I do not have a dog myself my brother does and Dexter is likely to be the only nephew that I ever have.  I received the Pet Shampoo ($13.99) that I am going to be using with Dexter to help neutralize any smell of pet odor that there might be.

Choosing great products to help make my house smell better used to be a challenge with allergies and problems that we faced as a family.  Now they are something that I can easily neutralize with the right Fresh Wave products.