Creating a Beautiful Photo Decor on a Budget with Canvas Champ

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I have wanted to redecorate my home for some time.  I have had pictures that I wanted to get put on canvas but I have to admit that I struggled with knowing which company to use.  I found that the ones that my photographer friends recommended had high costs that I just could not afford.  Then there were those that I had seen in other people’s homes that I knew were reasonable but were not the quality that I wanted.

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A few months back I discovered Canvas Champ and the company has changed my life.  I love Canvas Champ and have been impressed by a number of features that they offer as well as the quality of the product.

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The Top 5 Things I Love About Canvas Champ

  • Canvases Are Made to Last — One of the best features that I saw with the canvas that I received is that features a piece of wood behind the canvas.  As a mom of four this feature is my favorite because it means that if my children touch it that they are not going to ruin the canvas.
  • The Price — Recently I had photographs taken of my daughters that were Frozen themed with the intent of putting them on canvas to decorate their room.  I ended up with 12 photographs that I love.  When I thought about enlarging them to really big canvases the price from most companies was overwhelming.  I checked out what it would cost with Canvas Champ and it was really reasonable (I will share below what I am purchasing for the decor in their room).
  • The Quality — The canvases look beautiful and the coloring is right.  I have seen a lot of cheaper canvases in the past that have coloring that is off and these are not those canvases.
  • The Speed — Your canvases are guaranteed to arrive quickly.  I remember being really impressed with the amount of time that it took for me to receive my canvas.
  • Anything Can Become a Canvas — I love that you can not only create lasting memories with canvases of your favorite photographs but that you can also create lasting memories of your favorite works of art from your children.  I am planning on letting each of my children create their own rainbow for our dining room remodel and having their rainbows made into fun canvas creations.  Plus I plan on using some of the photographs that I have taken of bands and having those created into canvases for a special “music” wall in our dining room.  Then each of our “posters” can be moved to the basement to our family room when it is created.

The Room Displays I will Create with Canvas Champ in the Near Future

For My Frozen Obsessed Princesses

After getting back 12 pictures on discs that I LOVED I was overwhelmed with the thought of turning them into something amazing in their room.  I have finally decided how I am going to use them for 2 display walls.  The best part is that the whole thing is going to be really affordable.

On one wall I am going to have an individual picture of each of the girls that is 30 x 20 (these are just $42.44 each).  In between these I am going to hang up 3 8 x 8 canvases (these are just $10 each).  I purchased adorable 10 x 10 square mirrors for $2 each from a popular discount store and am creating a wall display on another wall that features 5 10 x 10 canvases and 5 10 x 10 mirrors (the top row will go mirror, canvas, mirror, canvas, mirror and the bottom row will go canvas, mirror, canvas, mirror, canvas) (10 x 10 canvases are only $17.12).  Then I am going to purchase 2 of the 8 x 12 canvases ($16.77 each).  The total transformation into their dream princess room (pictures to come as soon as I get it all created!) will cost me just over $234 which is amazing when you consider that most places charge more than that for one 30 x 20 canvas alone!!

For My Boys

Once rooms are painted and ready for decor I am planning on getting canvases to hang in my boys’ rooms as well.  I am sure that I will choose from a selection of past photos since there are no real “themed” photo sessions that would tailor well to my boys.  I really love that Canvas Champ offers different types of media besides canvases as well.  I am going for a very industrial feel for my oldest son’s room.  I pan on creating metal pictures.  I foresee myself purchasing 6 8×8 metal prints ($17.00 each) and 2 8×12 ($26.00 each).  Being able to pick up these 8 metal prints for just $154 is a steal!

For Huxley’s room I am planning on doing a long display that features 8 8×8 canvases in a row ($10 each) and 4 10×10 ($17.12 each).  The total for his room will be under $149.

For My Living Room

We recently had some amazing family pictures taken.  I plan on creating some wall displays with canvases around our living room utilizing these pictures as well as full family pictures of both of our families.  I want the family pictures to hang up on one of our small walls.  I plan on ordering 2 8 x 12 canvases for this ($16.77 each).  I also plan on hanging the one canvas that we received here!  We have a very long wall behind our coach that is separated by a window in the middle.  For this wall I plan on creating displays of 8×8 square canvases I want 12 canvases for each of these walls and at just $10.00 each I am really going to be able to get what I want.  So our dream living room isplay is going to cost me just under $275.

For Our Entryway

Our entryway is kind of the designated area of our living room for toys and where the kids play.  I plan on putting up one 8×8 canvas of each of them in an area.  For $40 it will look amazing and will help make our home look like we spent a lot more.

For Our Bedroom

Recently I have decided that I want some unique and fun romantic photos taken of my husband and I.  I plan on having these done by a photographer that I met at the Phases of the Moon Festival and I am going to be going for a John Lennon and Yoko Uno vibe with these.  I want to create a few different wall displays in our room of these photographs in black and white.  I would like a wall that features 6 10×10 squares in a row ($17.12 each), another wall to have 9 8x8s ($10 each), one wall with 2 20×16 ($30.90), and a final wall with 2 30×20 ($42.44).  My overall goal for our room is a very romantic vibe so I even have specific photographs listed for the photographer to take.  It will be under $350 for all of these.

That’s right I will have amazing photographs hung throughout our house for around $1200.  That is an amazing price when you consider that most of the time canvases are so expensive that I would not even be purchase about 5 of the larger sized canvases for that price.